Govinda's Restaurant in Greensboro Closing
by Anumanta dasa
Posted February 19, 2003

Restaurant business and equipment for sale in rental location at fantastic price. Half a block from UNCG campus. 15,500 students and faculty. 82,000 people living within 3 mile radius. Restaurant is 2000 sq feet in high traffic area. Seating capacity 72 persons. Extremely beautiful decor and spiritual ambiance. Fully equipped kitchen restaurant equipment worth $15,000 in great running condition. All stainless steel pots. Health department inspection rating 98.5. Already established customer base with large mailing list. Already established prasadam distribution and preaching for almost 3 years. Only one other vegetarian restaurant in the whole city. Located in between two devotee communities, Sandy Ridge and Hillsborough. All for $20,000.

For more information call Apurva das at 919 643 2979 cell 336 207 2431