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Bhaktins Wanted in Tucson

by Saranagati devi dasi

Posted February 5, 2007

The Tucson Temple in Arizona is welcoming already dedicated and/or aspiring to be Krishna conscious Bhaktins. The temple here is truly an oasis in the desert! We have the best vegetarian restaurant in town, a nice way to deliver prasad to community. This temple is not a large one, so the Vaishnava living here, totaling around 20, acts as a family. This Temple is a great place to start your studies in Krishna Consciousness. The temple president, Sandamini prabhu is very knowledgeable, sweet, and merciful. She is also very regulated and dedicated, yet balanced in her devotional life. There is always nice service to do here. Plus, she and her husband Dasarath prabhu are open to devotees creating services for themselves that capture individual interest and aptitudes.

I got my start here 1 and 1/2 years ago, but now I am leaving the temple to pursue a Krishna conscious career. My time spent here has been life changing! Lord Sri Krishna has given me his mercy, allowing me to be here in this desert at the Tucson Temple, purifying myself with the Mahä Mantra. My service at the temple will never really end, but since I am moving out of the ashram and will not be here as much, we are hoping that the right Bhaktins will come fill in my space. My services include straightening and stocking the Imports Boutique, working 2 or 3 cash register shifts per week, notifying the Tucson press of Festivals held at the temple, cleaning the temple room once a week, checking phone messages, Hari Nam, and generally just helping out Sandamini prabhu where help is needed.

The desert is quite purifying. Tucson is a big city with a small town feel. The devotees at the Tucson Temple offer sweet and varied association.

For more information, please email Sandamini at or call the Tucson temple at (520) 792-0630. Please also check out our website at