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Korg Company wants all the world's karma

by Bhaktavatsala das

Posted December 30, 2003

This world is certainly a "weird abode" (as Thakur Bhaktivinode put it, when describing the material world). As an example, here's something really weird.

The "Korg" company, which is well known for manufacturing electronic keyboards, has trademarked the word "karma", supposedly an acronym for "Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture". (It has produced a "Karma" keyboard, advertising it as "Good karma. Wicked sound." (Perhaps it should say "Wicked karma").

Sorry, but what's happening to the world when "karma" gets trademarked!? Do they get all the karma now that they've trademarked it? But hey, they're "karmis" anyway, so maybe they feel a right to own it. They'll be trying to trademark India next. . . . Good luck! How weird will it get? Hare Krishna!