Chakra Announcements

Guidelines for Chakra Events Submissions

by Chakra Editorial Staff

Posted December 28, 2003

Chakra tries to keep from exalting any one devotee over any others, as per our mission statement, as well as to provide a sober and reliable news-source. Therefore, when advertising speakers, such as visiting lecturers, musicians, &c., we would ask that the advertiser refrain from using excessive honorifics, making any claims of extraordinary spiritual powers on the part of the guest speaker, or guaranteeing spiritual advancement to attendees of the event. A brief, relevant resume of the speaker's qualifications, however, is acceptable.

For example:

Govinda prabhu will be giving a talk entitled "Varnasrama-dharma and gulab-jamuns" at New Goloka Temple on December 25th at 11:00 a.m. Govinda prabhu has had fifteen years of experience in ox-training, and has travelled around the world teaching courses in Indian cuisine, in addition to spending four years as pujari of Chota-Radha-Makhanacora. The lecture will be followed by kirtan and prasad, including gulab-jamuns. All are welcome to attend.