Chakra Announcements

Governor's Holiday Reception

by Caru das

Posted December 25, 2006

From the Governor's mansion we received an invitation to attend a Holiday Reception on Thursday Dec. 14th from 6 - 8 pm. Because of the 100 mile round trip from Spanish Fork, I was not planning to attend: however, it so happened one devotee (Ram Ranjan) was flying in from New Vrndavan and I had to pick him up at the airport at 8:30 pm.

Vaibhavi could not come as she is on a marathon to finish the decorations of the interior dome of the temple room. Recently, she has been spending about 10 hours a day on 30 foot high scaffolding.

When I arrived at the Governor's mansion around 7:30 pm there was a long line of people out the door. The temperatures had reached a balmy 60 degrees in Salt Lake City earlier, so it was not at all uncomfortable waiting outside as the line inched forward.

I got to chatting with Bill Reagan and his wife Julia. He owns most of the roadside bill boards in the state of Utah (Reagan Outdoor Advertising). He asked about the Hare Krishnas chanting in airports etc., and I told him it was less evident these days because we are more congregationally based.

When I had made my way in line to the Governor, First Lady Mary Kaye, Gary Herbert (Lieutenant Governor) and Jeanette, his wife, I got an especially warm welcome from all of them. Governor Huntsman and Mary Kaye, as it so happened, are leaving for Gujarat tomorrow to pick up their adopted daughter, Asha Bharati, who is 13 months old. I think they took my coming dressed in kurta, teelok, etc. as an auspicious omen for their trip.

This will be the first time they have seen other than pictures of her. They were both extremely excited, asked my blessings for a safe journey. The chief minister of Gujarat is going to meet them at the other end. They said they definitely plan on bringing her to the temple for a protection samskara. While raising their new daughter in the western world, I know they do not want her to lose touch with the culture of her birth land (janma bhumi).

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