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From the diary of a Padayatri

by Padayatra Office

Posted December 18, 2003

October 23 - 28, 2003 (from the diary of a Padayatri)

We cross the National Marion Forest and gradually the congestion begins. Moncks Corner and Summerville (a suburb of Charleston) which will be the biggest city we go through. As we traveled on Rt 17 A en route to Walterboro, literally thousands of people saw the Padayatra, and as always even on a busy road as these some came forward.

Too much traffic makes Candrabhaga nervous and more dependent on the Lord to guide us - the intensity of prayers to surrender to the will of Krsna is ever increasing.

One man passed by in his car says - "You must be crazy". We thought he was the crazy one.....why? Because he lives such a life that generates a society that runs on 4 wheels 100 miles a day just for the basic "necessities" of life, not caring for the actual needs of the self. "Just as a deer, because of ignorance, cannot see the water within a well covered by grass, but runs after water elsewhere .... the living entity covered by the material body does not see the happiness within himself but runs after happiness in the material world". SB 7.13.29

We came to Walterboro on Sunday, another perfect arrangement; at 6:30 as the light was going down we found a good place to stop (in town still) at junction 17A/63, few miles from Interstate 95. Somebody had called the police claiming "wild runaway horses in the road" so 3 police cars came up on us very quick after dark. At once they realized that nothing was happening.....our boys Kana das and Balaji das were peacefully eating hay around the wagon. They were very friendly and inquired about our journey; one officer came back later that evening to bring some fresh organic tomatoes to offer to the Lord.

Monday gradually we move out of the mess - congestion - its raining; we are moving towards "Yemassy". Suddenly at the time to stop one gentleman arrives .... very gracious ..... friendly offering to help. He is the pastor of a local church and very fascinated with our mission and style of surrender to God. He wanted to help, so he runs to his car to see what he can bring for the horses. Suddenly a truck with hay piled up comes by on hwy 17 turning right where we are. Our pastor/reverend immediately walks towards the truck stopping them to explain trying to get some hay for us. At that point he raises his hands in the middle of the highway and exclaims - "God is good!!" A mystical arrangement was done by Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar and Lord Narasimhadeva and Mr. Bailey was part of it. After that we had a deep philosophical/theological discussion, for my surprise he revealed to me that he agrees that one who follows Jesus is one who has love in his heart, therefore he disagrees with many other clergy in the presentation that only by being a Christian you will be saved. His understanding is deeper - that not by name only but by the characteristics/qualities of; he was sensitive to hearing about that goal of life without making distinctions of faith, because it reaffirms his own convictions.

I thought Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya! Here is a Christian that can use Prabhupada's mercy and guidance, therefore we give the last big Bhagavad Gita - he was very thankful, saying he will put it bedside (this is where Christians put the Bible to read at night). By Prabhupada's mercy all those truths will be clearly revealed to him through every page.

Hare Krsna that was a heavy heavy book distributed.