American Academy of Religion and Memorial Service
by Adi-kurma Das
Posted December 17, 2002

Seven thousand delegates attended the annual Symposium of American Academy of Religion in Toronto, from November 22nd to 25th . Scholars and student delegates aware of the departure of His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami and his dedication to inter-faith preaching, attended a memorial service in the beautiful temple dining hall at the Hare Krishna Temple on Avenue Road in Toronto.

Anuttama Das, Director of Iskcon Communications, North America, inaugurated the event with an introductory speech. An enthusiastic group of religious academics were delighted by the melodious kirtan of the Toronto Devotee Youth Group.

Anuttama Das, Garuda Das and Hladini Dasi shared their memoirs of Tamal Krishna Goswami. A wonderful prasadam dinner was served and the evening culminated with a panel discussion: "Living with the dicotomy of life in the secular world as a devotee of Krishna". Panel moderator was Rachel McDermott. The panel consisted of Mahasaumya Das, Anuttama Das, Radhika Raman Das (Ravi Gupta), Praharana Dasi, Anuradha Bhandari and myself.

Among the distinguished guests we were pleased to have Steven Rosen (Satyaraja Das), Prof. Joseph T. O'Connell, and Rev.Teri Gallagher from the Scarboro Missions. The evening wrapped up with an open forum between the panelists and the guests. Small boxes of sweets and Srila Prabhupada's books were given to everyone as a parting gift.

Special thanks to Praharana dasi, Rachel McDermott, Hladini Dasi, Sita Dasi, Subuddhi Dasi, Krsnadas Kaviraj das, and Paurnamasi Dasi. Without their effort this event would not have taken place.