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Distribution Of Change Of Heart

by Nirguna dasi

Posted December 12, 2005

On the morning of October 29, over 200 children of Food for Life Vrindavan’s Sandipani Muni School rallied together. They walked through the narrow lanes of Vrindavan’s residential and market areas carrying banners and energetically proclaiming the message “Clean Vrindavan Green Vrindavan”. They enthusiastically handed out thousands of complimentary copies of the booklet “A Change of Heart”.

During the entire Kartik month Parasurams team traveled all over the Vraja Mandala with the bullock cart and distributed the “Change of heart” booklet and prasadam to the tens of thousands of Brijabasis who live in the remote villages.

The booklet through the means of a narrative urges the reader to seriously consider Vrindavan's environmental problems and reveals the long term consequences of the present trends. It urges the residents and the lovers of Vrindavana to look in to their hearts and take the appropriate action. It was gratefully received by shopkeepers, residents and many visiting pilgrims.

Altogether 100,000 copies of the booklet have been distributed in Vrindavan and the surrounding areas of Braj, as well as to private, public schools and colleges in this area. The booklet inspired by Rupa Raghunath of Food for Life Vrindavana is fully illustrated and written by Syam Priya Devi dasi who presently resides in Los Angeles. The book will soon be released in English, complete with line drawings and full colour illustrations.

As the enchanting story unfolds the educational message is skillfully entwined and enlivened by the surprising tales of the usually silent residents of the holy dham. It will be sure to warm the hearts of the lovers of Vrndavana, old and young a like and aims to provoke progress in a beneficial direction.

A complete English text is available for download at

Food for Life Vrindavan’s Varaha dev Project cleans and maintains a section of the Parikrama path as well as other key locations in the town. This involves daily cleaning of the areas and planting of trees.

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