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Gita Jayanti Festivities At Bhaktivedanta Gurukula, Vrindavan

by Ananda Vrindavanesvari-devi dasi

Posted December 2, 2006

Sometimes good ideas come but don't go anywhere. But this idea of having all 130 students in the primary school section of Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School hand write the complete Bhagavad-gita stayed and worked.

The project began three days before Dec 1st, Gita Jayanti and the children worked diligently write each sloka in both Sanskrit and English. They took special care to write neatly and add a decorative boarder to each card. The cards were then hung and displayed as the backdrop for the evening Gita recitation.

The entire body of High School students chanted the Gita in Sanskrit for two hours. Mrs. Puspa Sharma, the Chairman of the Municipality Corporation in Vrindavan, attended the program. It was her first visit to the school. She spoke highly of the spiritual atmosphere she experienced in the Gurukula and she encouraged the students to take the culture and cleanliness that she found in the School out to the rest of Vrindavan.

Earlier in the day, 50 primary students were invited to the Radha-Vallabha temple in Vrindavan town. There they chanted in kirtan, recited key Gita slokas, and did their now-famous 30 mrdanga drum performance.