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Child Protection Moving Forward

by Lilasuka dasi

Posted December 2, 2006

The First North American Child Protection Conference was a successful beginning. A group of dedicated devotees interested in increasing child protection met for 2 days for seminars and discussion at a retreat center in the woods of North Carolina.

Here is what some people had to say after attending the first North American Child Protection Conference-

The weekend was composed of seminars that ranged from Signs and Types of Abuse; How to Handle a Disclosure; The Importance of Educating Children How to Protect Themselves and group discussions on subjects such as why screening residents and volunteers is necessary. At the conclusion of the conference we drafted some steps we can take right now to increase safety in our communities, ideas on how to continue networking with each other, and increase the scope of outreach as well as plans for the next Child Protection Conference!

If you are interested in becoming part of the e-mail community about child protection in North America where we will share information, support each other, send out notices about trainings and upcoming events and help develop the future of child protection, you can e-mail

Everyone of us can make a difference, your participation is welcome.