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Looking for Old Caitanya Channel Shows

by Raga dasi

Posted August 31, 2007

Years ago in New Dwaraka Dhama a few of us collaborated to produce some cable Krsna conscious TV programming. Bhakta Mike Sandoval was one of our most valuable players, making sure our programs were aired on several stations. Anyone aware of the wheabouts of Bhakta Mike Sandoval please forward this request to him from Bhaktin Robin, now Raga devi dasi.

Bhakta Mike, if you're still out there, belated thanks for all of your service & encouragement. If you happen to have any of those old shows we did, please contact me and I'll arrange to pick some up. I can even make a donation to compensate you for your trouble in keeping them. I hope you're aware of the excellent feedback we got on the shows. Some of it trickled down to me. Anyway, I truly miss that nectarian service and hope some of the shows can be retrieved. Let me know what you're up to these days. I can be reached at (352) 338-8295 or at Hari Haribol.