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Good Karma Wrap Up

by Caru das

Posted August 24, 2005

The Good Karma Fest was flawlessly executed from beginning to end. I had cooked matar paneer, some rice pillao, and spiced potatoes. Vai made raspberry hallava, and we used the huge homemade papadams from Nirmala Patel. There was a full salad bar open, all for $ 5.00. Allen, Sandra, Bill & Liz served out along with boys from 'Journey.'

The first hour we were indoors showing the film OEHealthy, Wealthy & Wise.' People sat through it attentively. I followed with a power point presentation on the big screen, OEThe Gita and the Law of Karma.' The crowd was larger and even more attentive during this half hour. I preached the straight philosophy without pulling any punches. People seemed to be going along with everything, conceding that it made a lot of sense, in fact hanging on every word. Not one person left the room. Several took me aside later in the evening and asked extremely penetrating questions about the law of karma, and asked for more details about the method of offering food to Lord Krishna.

Prajapati and I opened the entertainment on the outdoor stage with our two man comedy called 'The Big Book' . This is a drama written by Dhatta Das called, 'Hell.' I changed the name to make it seem less foreboding. The extremely snappy dialogue elicited guffaws from the audience at all the right points.

Joel Bradford brought the local jazz, blues group, normally called 'After Hours' but today renamed 'Good Karma Blues Band.' Jared Young played drums, his brother Matt trumpet, Curt Gordon on guitar, etc. They are always good, and there was a segment at the end where Jai Krishna came on stage and led the chanting of HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE/ HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE. Everybody was into that with clapping and singing along!

What can I say about the drama Butcher's Nightmare' which followed. It was written in 1982 by Prajapati who came here from Dallas to direct and play the lead role of Butch Slaughter. I have seen this play maybe 20 times and always enjoy it again and again. Some of the other characters are Porky Frankfurter, Eileen Bacon, Father Angus, Dr. Guernsey, Mr. Lard,& Mike Cleaver.

During the play I was taking photos for the web site and periodically looking over the audience as they sat on the grass, watching, while the red sunset blazed behind them.

My impression was they were entranced. Imagine bringing such a provocative drama to Spanish Fork, Utah, the livestock capital of Utah County! Yet there was not one person who was not caught up in the drama, who did not chant with Butch at the end, 'Save the Cow! Save the Cow!' or who was not shocked by his assassination on stage. The applause was tremendous!

Closing the stage program was Kindred Spirit, an excellent eight piece band from Manti, Utah. They went late into the night, playing their repertoire, including the Willie Nelson song, 'Just a Little Old Fashioned Karma Coming Round.'