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Old Age Home in Vrindavan?

by Venu Krishna das

Posted August 16, 2007

I visit Sri Vrindavan Dham very frequently for the last 15 years and I found that many devotees and piligrims come there for the darshan of the Lord. Because of the special mercy of Srila Prabhupada many devotees associated with ISKCON come there and they have realised that quitting the body in Sri Vrindavan Dham is the most auspicious one. The prices of the land and apartments are going high day by day because of this.

I would like to have a VRUDHASHRAM (Old age home) constructed for those devotees who are willing to have a room to do Bhajana during their last stages in their present body. Once they quit the body the room will be given to the next person who deserves most from the material angle.

If any one or more devotees or philanthropists are interested in joining me in this venture- seva (both financially and other wise) please write to me so that the whole process can be properly planned.

I can be contacted on