Chakra Announcements

Temple Planned for Lord Nityananda's Birthplace

by Gopijanaballabha das, ISKCON Mayapur

Posted August 16, 2007

Sri Caitanya Caritamrita (Adi 13.61) declares: "In Radhadesa, the part of Bengal, where the Ganges is not visible, Nityananda Prabhu, Gangadasa Pandit, Murari Gupta and Mukunda took birth." In the purport to this verse, Srila Prabhupada gives a detailed description of Ekachakra.

We are happy to invite you to participate in the construction of a beautiful temple to glorify Lord Nityananda at His birthplace, Ekachakra Dham. Nityananda Mahaprabhu, being non-different from Lord Balarama, appeared here in the second half of the 15th century as the son of Hadai Ojha and Padmavati. Holy places around Ekachakra Dham --like Bankim Raya Mandir, Bhandisvara Mandir and Nityananda Janmasthan -- where Nityananda Prabhu performed His lilas currently need a lot of maintenance.

Plans call for the Ekachakra temple to be a structure of 630 m2 (about 6800 square feet). The total cost is projected to be $139,400 or $20.50 per square foot. Devotees interested to underwrite a portion of the cost of constructing this temple may visit the website for suggested donations and payment options.