Chakra Announcements


by Malati dasi

Posted August 6, 2005

Dear Readers and Viveswan: I am very sorry to hear of the disappearance of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai from Tampa. This also happened once in Columbus, OH. The police were notified and they took the disappearance very seriously. During Their absence, myself as the TP and the temple devotees undertook strong personal vows and actions to atone for our negligence that surely caused Them to leave. We did a Maha-Gundica Temple cleansing from top to bottom. Eventually, They were recovered, by the sweet will of the Lord. You would not believe where They were found----in a sex-shop! And, it was not the Police who discovered Them, it was one of the congregation members who called us! We immediately notified the police and met with them to retrieved Their Lordships, Who were standing with Their uplifted arms in a display case full of items you wouldn't want to know about. The Police Lady asked the shop owner, "Do you know who They are?" He was mystified, "No?" "Well," she said, "They belong to them [motioning to us)." He was almost in a trance as he lifted Them out and handed Them over, saying, "Here, take Them. I didn't know." It was a pretty far out scene.

As Srila Prabhupada mentioned, "Do not think if Lord Nityananda goes into a bar that He goes in to drink, No! He goes to save the conditioned souls."

I would, however, like to make one correction to this article: Tampa is not an ISKCON center.

May Their Lordships reappear very soon,

yr servant,
Malati dasi