Rainbow gathering
by Garuda das
Posted April 26, 2003

To all devotees, who are oceans of mercy, please accept my humble obeisances, Jaya Prabhupada!

Every year now for the last 13 years, I've been steadily preaching in the center of the "rainbow" gatherings. For those of you who don't know, the national rainbow gathering is a free counter culture gathering that gets up to 30,000 "hippie" people gathering in the woods once a year. The big gathering is in mid-summer, for two weeks, culminating on the fourth of July.

My service is to set up a nice temple and distribute Srila Prabhupada's books, as well as hold kirtans, story telling events and distribute prasadam. Last year, i brought a ton and half of equipment and bhoga to set up a big kitchen. I labored like a mule since a temple offered devotes to come and run the kitchen. the driver for that crew could not make the trip and all that effort/laksmi was spent for nothing. I managed to preach still, but it was like a smoke smothered fire with all that labor which bogged down my preaching spirit. Having gone through that experience, I put an ear out to the elders and crowds and they came up with a requst. Overwehelmingly, they asked if the disciples of Radhanatha swami would come and do a kitchen. H.H. is a legacy at these gatherings, but neither He or Malati can organize the crews that came before, so the hope of the elders is that (since he now has many) the disciples of Radhanatha swami can bring a good solid ISKCON camp back to the rainbow. its not asking much. i put out all i can as one person and am able to make a difference. It woud be amazing to see what some well organized Hare Krishna discples of Radhantha Maharaja could accomplish.

My camp is just like i said, straght preaching in the middle of the chaos of the rainbow gathering. therefore, my "tipi" temple is called " the sancutary temple". If anyone wishes to help me do this service, please email me in this regard. i think this years gathering is out in the southwest, nevada or southern california. please email me if you would like the rainbow link.

There is one rule that is held sacred to this rainbow tribe and that is "no money exchanged". Of course individual camps/kitchens, are able to accept donations, but for me, those hardly cover the book costs, what to speak of gasoline, bhoga etc..

The thing I am asking help with is for devotees who have any small Prabhupada books, who can send them to the Tallahassee ISKCON temple, or any wonderful devotee who would like to call BBT and purchase a case to be sent here, that they please do so as soon as possible. I preach at the rainbow steadily and constantly, in the big main area, for 2 weeks straight and always run out of books way ahead of time, no matter what!

Garuda das