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Krsna Conscious Spouses: Let's Get Together

by Maharani dasi

Posted April 20, 2006

I, too, am an ISKCON gurukuli married to a non-devotee, and I think that a support group of sorts is a great idea for those of us who are in mixed-faith marriages. There are so many forums and lists out there -- why not a friendly, supportive internet group dedicated to devotees and their non-devotee spouses, where we can pool our experiences and strengthen our relationships with both our partners and with Krsna? To that end, I went out on a limb and set one up on the Yahoo! Groups website. The name of the group is Krishna Conscious Spouses, and anyone who is interested can subscribe by simply sending an e-mail to:

Be sure to write: Subscribe as your subject header (you don't need to write any content).

You instantly receive a note that asks you to confirm your subscription and create a username and password.

To learn more about the kcspouse group, please visit