Vaisnavas C.A.R.E. Newsletter (April, 2003)
Posted April 16, 2003

Hospice Seminar Presented in Mayapur

Congratulations to all of the Vaisnavas who participated in our five day hospice seminar, "Hospice Care for Departing Vaisnavas," presented in Mayapur, India as part of the Mayapur Institute for Higher Education (MIHE). The aim of the seminar was to offer a basic, introductory course for those interested in assisting a terminally ill devotee and his or her family members when the need arises. The first two days of the course included the following subjects:

The third day of the course was presented by Jusaniya dasi who discussed many of the complementary therapies that can be used to comfort a patient. Therapies included:

Jusaniya also demonstrated some practical methods of comfort care such as repositioning a terminally ill patient who is bed-ridden in order to avoid pressure sores (a major complication for one who is non-ambulatory)

On the fourth and fifth days of the course, Sachi dasi, a former Gurukula student and now a Crisis Therapist, held an intimate group discussion on grief and bereavement for those who have lost someone dear to them. This part of the seminar also discussed the issues involved when children lose a parent, sibling, or other loved one.

We thank Janmastami Prabhu from the MIHE for arranging the presentation of this course.

If you are interested in having a one, two, or three day seminar on the art of hospice care given in your home, preaching center, or temple, please contact us at

The Final Journey--Complete Hospice Care for Departing Vaisnavas

We are presently accepting orders for this recently released book by Sangita devi dasi and published by Torchlight Publishing, Inc. This book presents detailed information on how to care for a terminally ill patient, how to assist your patient in achieving the highest goal of life

  • returning back home, back to Godhead, and how to comfort those left behind after the loss of a family member or friend. Please fill out an order form online at to reserve your copy.

    Seeking Writers With Stories to Share

    We are requesting stories for our website from those who have experienced the loss a loved one. Your stories will help to inspire others who may be going through a similar ordeal. Presenting your experiences online will be a way for you to offer emotional and spiritual support to others. You can write one paragraph or one or two pages or more. Whatever you feel is needed to guide and encourage others. Please share your experiences and realizations by submitting your stories to: Jusaniya dasi at Thank you.

    Articles Needed for Website

    We are hoping to have the Vaisnavas C.A.R.E. website become "interactive" meaning we are encouraging articles from our readers on healthcare issues as they relate to the subject of hospice. This can mean articles on allopathic medications for pain, complementary therapies to relieve pain and other symptoms, such as music therapy, aromatherapy, massage therapy, etc.

    Your knowledge is needed to help others. Please submit your articles, short or long, to Jusaniya dasi.

    In conclusion, we wish to thank all of our compassionate volunteers who stand ready and waiting to assist those in need. Please spread the word about this much needed project so more volunteers will come forward and we can fulfill our goal of having assistants in "every town and village."

    Thank you and stay well.

    Your servants,
    Sangita devi dasi
    Jusaniya dasi