Improving Transport Animal Welfare April 24 Conference
by Paul Starkey
Reposted April 16, 2003

[Editors note: While TAWS is not an ISKCON organization, it addresses a topic vital to the practice of cow protection: the welfare of working animals. If you want a lunch, be sure to specify vegetarian or vegan.]

Please see this announcement about a workshop being held in UK by the World Association for Transport Animal Welfare and Studies (TAWS) and the Tropical Agriculture Association (TAA).

It is intended to move forward the agenda relating to the present use of working animals and ways of improving the situation and getting involved. It will be a good day: do come if you are interested in this important area of development!

Why TAWS is needed:

The next TAWS workshop will be held on

** THURSDAY 24 April 2003 **

It will be held at Silsoe Research Institute, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford MK45 4HS.

( for directions, map and local accommodation).

Collaboration with the Tropical Agricultural Association has been agreed for this event.

The workshop will aim to bring together a wide range of people concerned with working animals and their welfare. It will provide a stimulating and conducive environment to exchange ideas and information, and propose new initiatives and actions in this important field.

There will be practical demonstrations, using donkeys, of tillage and transport equipment. Posters, exhibits and networking information welcome!

(Please contact us if you wish to prepare a relevant poster or other exhibit.)

Overall theme:


With focus on:

Cost (including lunch and coffee breaks): 30.00

Students: (including lunch and coffee breaks): 15.00 or 10.00
(we thank the Overseas Division of the British Veterinary Association for the student subsidy)

Are you interested? Can you join us?

Please let us know if you think you can come - we need to ensure there will be the right number of lunches!

Please send a brief email with your name to:


9.00 Coffee and networking

9.30 Keynote address

9.45 INTRODUCTION TO THEME 1: Welfare legislation
Welfare legislation and inspection: how to progress and succeed
* Karen Jones, SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad)

10.15 INTRODUCTION TO THEME 2: Low cost animal health methods
Ethno-veterinary, complementary and low cost treatment and management of working animals
* Caleb Kudi, Seale-Hayne, University of Plymouth

10.45 Coffee and networking

11.15 INTRODUCTION TO THEME 3: Methodology for projects
Methodology for sustainable animal welfare interventions and projects
* Joy Pritchard, Brooke Hospital for Animals

11.45 INTRODUCTION TO THEME 4: Young people getting involved
Presentation by a student (British Veterinary Association)
Career prospects in research and development concerned with animal power
* Anne Pearson, Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine

12.15 INTRODUCTION TO THEME 5: Equipment for working animals
New developments in equipment for working animals (carts, packs, low-draft tillage)
* Brian Sims, International Development Group, Silsoe Research Institute
* Frank Inns, Retired Professor and Consultant

12.45 THEME 5 CONTINUED: Practical demonstration of some equipment using donkeys
* (Thanks to Carl Boyd and Silsoe Research Institute for allowing this demonstration.)


14.30 DISCUSSIONS AND WORKING GROUPS on each of these themes
The aim will be to come up with practical ways to move the agenda forward in each of these areas, with action plans that may involve collaboration between several of the organisations or individuals attending, and/or the setting up of on-going working groups to coordinate work and review progress.

* Overall facilitator: Paul Starkey, University of Reading
* Group facilitators:

16.30 PRESENTATIONS OF GROUP WORK and plenary discussion

17.00 Conclusions and determination of follow-up activities

17.30 TAWS Annual General Meeting

18.30 Optional dinner

Do you want to come? We need to know numbers to ensure you have refreshments and a good lunch.

Please send a brief email with your name to:

For further information see: