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ISKCON Condolences on the Passing of the Pope

Media Release by ISKCON Communications

Posted April 4, 2005

We are saddened by the passing of His Holiness Pope John Paul II and offer our condolences to our Catholic friends worldwide along with our heartfelt wishes that they find joy and strength in remembrance of his selfless service to God.

The passing of John Paul II is a great loss not only to the Roman Catholic Church, but to all people of faith. As a religious leader, Pope John Paul II fought for his principles as vigorously as he practised them, giving strong, meaningful guidance to his Church. We pray that these qualities of leadership and commitment will continue to serve as an example to all.

As a Vaishnava community, we are especially thankful for the Pope's firm yet compassionate defense of the dignity and sanctity of human life, his sincere appeal for the protection of the oppressed and weak, and for his call to the younger generation to seek purpose in life through devotion to God.

We also honor His Holiness's call for dialogue between faiths and between churches within his own Christian faith. He affirmed the Catholic Church's commitment to the spirit of building sincere relationships with others without compromising the Church's unique sense of mission and witness. As with so many aspects of his life, he achieved this with courage and humility.

Pope John Paul II was a man who preached strongly, practiced humbly, and acted compassionately. He and the Roman Catholic Church are in our prayers.

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