Chakra Announcements

From the Diary of a Padayatri

by Padayatra Office

Posted April 3, 2005

January to March

Months ahead of looking, thinking, engineering how we can restructure the program... our only qualification is having the desire to serve the Lord and continue with this mission of Padayatra. How things are going to happen, only the Lord can know. We have our ideas, but eventually the Lord will take our freedom and place it under his will. Even if the things are not smooth we must enthusiasticallly continue with our service and be detached from the results. It is just the factor of time that is between us and the revelation of the will of the Lord. Let«s keep faith in the Parampara that wants this program to be on the roads. Balaji is recuperating ......


We visit USA. Alachua , Florida. The deities were painted fresh by mother Gandarvika New outfits were made by mother Mitravinda. Lots of valuable jewelry was donated by Abhayananda and his family. We also got inspiration of faith and humillity from Ambarish Prabhu and spent hours each day doing research work for our next trek. We hope to be back in Mexico soon.


Back in Tampico, a marathon of details for getting moving again!! a new small wagon -800 pounds instead of 1,500 of the big one. We have two "criolla" mules as new members of the Padayatra. They«re great workers, we don't have any doubt about their capacity to help Balaji carry the Deities. These past four months have been a heavy immunization test for Balaji as the doctor said, "if he survives all that, he will fine working here".

The brakes are in place, we have brought down the weight of the wagon from 2500 pounds to 1300 of gross weight. We have placed the Deities in the new wagon --tarps rolled up,shoe'd Balaji, and worked our team of three animals together to try to match them. Take the map and pray to Lord Nrsmhadeva in a mood of repentence and dependence excepting our anarthas and weaknesses knowing that it is only for this that we are prone to forget Him.... and its only by His causeless mercy that we can continue cultivating our desire to serve and glorify him.

We prepare to leave tomorrow 25th March in the Auspicious Day of Gaura Purnima. Looking at the beautiful Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar, desiring to serve the Sankirtan Mission Eternally by taking them everywhere they want to go, I Avadhuta Siromani das fall at those Lotus Feet.......