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September 2006
Petition to the GBC (Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse in ISKCON)

Everywhere Is Becoming Ganga, a Mayapur Flood Escape Story
by Ila devi dasi
Posted September 29, 2006

Mother Ganga touched the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava in the year 2000, but she has not come to greet the new Pancha-Tattva Deities, installed only 2 years ago. A rather dry rainy season was coming to an end ... no one expected any flood in Sri Mayapur this year. Then the news came - the dams are too full and the Government has opened them up, in a few hours we will have a flood.

The milkman came to deliver his daily bucket of milk - "No thank you," said my husband, "Don't you know what is happening? We are packing up because of the flood!" (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Medals Galore for Devotee Gymnast At European Championships

by Nowak, Mary
Posted September 28, 2006

Eleven year old Orissa Kelly, who attended Bhaktivedanta Manor's nursery and gurukula, has won a myriad of gold, silver and bronze medals and cups in gymnastics. Orissa started gymnastic training at the age of 3 and has competed since the age of 5. On 21st July this year she flew out to Malta to complete in the International Junior Gymstars Competition. (Click here for the full article)

Association Needed
by Dhira Krsna Das
Posted September 26, 2006

I am a devotee isolated from devotee association. I am requesting help from the devotee community to obtain chanting and sankirtan cds and cassette tapes, as well as lecture tapes, books and DVDs of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Thank you. Hare Krsna!

Dhira Krsna Das
PO Box 2485
Wenatchee, WA 98807

New Url for Mayapur Website
by Vrindavan Lila Dasi
Posted September 24, 2006

Our website now finally got an extention ".com" instead of ".tk", so from now on please use:


to see video clips, photos and web-magazines of Mayapur.

Thanks for All Advice
by Vasudeva Datta das
Posted September 23, 2006

I wish to express my appreciation for the concern that the devotees demonstrated about my problems with the wasps. Reading the various letters, I'm feeling more near to the Vaisnava community. Everything was very useful. Thank you again for all your good advice.

Foundational Life Skills / Personal Transformation Seminar
by Marie Glasheen
Posted September 21, 2006

Satvatove Institute present the
Gainesville, November 10 to 12, 2006
By Marie Glasheen

For more information about the seminar please visit
For devotee discount call 386.418.8840

Farmhouse in South India
by Syamasundara das
Posted September 21, 2006

Own a Farmhouse in Hyderabad/South India and experience a whole new way of living at Hare Krishna (old age) Ashram Resort - "GOLOKA DHAM", a unique, fully integrated Rural & Spiritual Ambience, away from hustle & bustle of city life. It is a Spiritual Village with activities of living which are centered around devotional service.

Try to live in a reality of Spiritual Bliss and comfort and in the midst of Mango Grooves with abundance of other greeneries, while the mangoes creep into your windows! (Click here for the full article)

Krsna Art Exhibition
by Krsna Dasa
Posted September 21, 2006

We are holding a KRSNA Art Exhibition on the Internet, the website address will be announced soon. There will be no art left behind! EVERYONE gets a place at the KRSNA gallery. There are no 1st 2nd or 3rd winners, however, four will be picked for the first page of the site.

The main categories are:

  4. VISNU

(Click here for the full article)

Jalebi New Devotee Band Invites You
by JALEBI Music
Posted September 20, 2006

My name is Mirabai Devi Dasi aka Shirley Marie Bradby and I am the lead singer for a new devotee band called JALEBI. Our official web site is www.jalebimusic.com

This message is a formal invitation to visit our website, listen to our music and in short get to know us!

Just for visiting our website and listening to our music we are offering you as a new visitor TWO FREE JALEBI MP3 songs of YOUR choice! (Click here for the full article)

Desperately Seeking Devotees
by Scotland Seeker
Posted September 19, 2006

I'm looking for devotees based in Scotland, UK, who would be willing to speak with me via phone, email or MSN. I am extremely interested in Krishna Conciousness, but live in an isolated area with no nearby temple. Please contact me on Kulafey@aol.com.

Vaisnavas C.A.R.E. Invitation to Visit Our Re-Designed Website
by Jusaniya devi dasi Board of Directors
Posted September 17, 2006

Vaisnavas C.A.R.E., Inc. (Counseling, Assistance, Resource, and Education for the Terminally ill and Their Family) invites you to visit our recently re-designed website at: www.vaisnavascare.com. As many of you know, Vaisnavas C.A.R.E. (V-CARE) has assisted devotees worldwide with end-of-life needs for the past five years. We have now remodeled our website in order to make it more user-friendly and to provide up-to-date health information for our society of devotees. Our hope is to make our site more interactive with your assistance. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Festival of Chariots At Lake Eola Carries Believers Through Streets

by Claudia Zequeira, Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted September 16, 2006

Krishna devotees had much to celebrate Saturday as hundreds held their first-ever Festival of Chariots in downtown Orlando, turning Lake Eola's surroundings into a kind of "Little India" for several hours.

Crowds gathered for the Ratha Yatra, as the Hindu feast is called, to honor Lord Jagannath, also known as the god Krishna. According to lore, the Festival of Chariots is celebrated in Puri, India, to honor the god's return to his hometown, Vrindavan, more than 5,000 years ago. (Click here for the full article)

by Herbert Bressack
Posted September 14, 2006

In reference to Vasudeva Datta's question, I think the safety of one's child has to be prioritized. I would kill them all and let Krsna sort it out.

Murtis for Sale
by Geoffrey Giuliano
Posted September 14, 2006

A Prabhupada center near New York is going out of business and we must sell many of the wonderful articles from the temple room. We have a life-size murti by Locan das of Srila Prahupada which was never installed and is in perfect condition. We will pay FedEx expenses and packing door to door. It is fiberglass and, unlike many murtis, perfectly painted. We also have a 50-inch black marble Gopal Nathji murti (never installed) and many other items. Please contact: Dwarka Das at milesfar@hotmail.com

6th Annual Rathayatra in Niles, Michigan
by Prema Bhakti dasa and Tapati devi dasi, Niles, Michigan
Posted September 13, 2006

We are please to invite you to the 6th Annual Rathayatra festival in Niles, Michigan. Our Rathayatra will be one of the hundred+ floats in the yearly Apple Festival Parade, with thousands of spectators lining the 2-mile parade route.

  • Saturday, September 30th, 2006
  • at 12pm noon (Michigan Time, EDT)
  • Downtown Niles, Michigan (it's not so big, just a little hometown)

(Click here for the full article)

Killing Bees?
by Vasudeva Datta
Posted September 12, 2006

I have a practical problem. Outside of my home, just out the door, under and all around a lamp that is situated on the wall on the top of the door, there is a nest of wasps, hundreds of them. My question is, what should I do? That nest is growing bigger every day. My son is afraid to go outside. At the same time, I don't want to be the responsible of killing hundreds. According to sastra, how I should act?

Good News From Causelessmercy.com
by Causelessmercy.com Webservant
Posted September 9, 2006

As of yesterday, September 5, 2006, the auspicious appearance day of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur, Causelessmercy.com has been fully indexed for the first time. For the first time, all 4700+ web pages have been "spidered!" Now, if you do a FreeFind search, you can be confident that all of Srila Prabhupada's books and tapes will be thoroughly searched.

Here's an example: (Click here for the full article)

Looking for Jagannatha
by Bhakta Ray
Posted September 8, 2006

I'm trying to buy a set of three statues of Jagannath -- do you know of any place in the United States that sells them? So far I have not been successful.

Thanks for whatever help you can give me. lilawitko@gmail.com

Preaching to the Third-Gender Community
by Amara dasa
Posted September 7, 2006

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Amara dasa. I was first and second initiated by Srila Prabhupada in the 1970s and have been a member of ISKCON since 1974. For the past six years, I have been preaching to the gay and lesbian community and by Srila Prabhupada’s mercy it has been somewhat successful. I would like to offer a few tips for those of you who may be interested in extending Lord Caitanya’s mercy to this gentle and talented segment of our society. (Click here for the full article)

Festival of Inspiration 2007
by Malati Devi Dasi
Posted September 6, 2006

Festival of Inspiration 2006 was a grand success and we intend to top that in 2007! Mark these dates on your calendars and call your travel agent now!


MAY 11th, 12th, & 13th, 2007


contact ServingKrishna@aol.com for information

(we are looking for quality presentations & unique vendors)

An Evening of Indian Classical Sarod
Posted September 2, 2006

SPICMACAY ASU Chapter presents

Sangam- A confluence of Music

An evening of Indian Classical Sarod / Saxophone Jugalbandhi concert


  • Dr.Rajeeb Chakraborty on the Sarod (North Indian classical string instrument)
  • Mr. Jess Bannister on the Saxophone
  • Pt. Subhen Chatterjee on the Tabla (Indian Classical Percussion instrument)

Where: Arizona Ballroom (MU 207)

When: Sept 17th (Sunday) 2006 (Click here for the full article)

Open Letter To Devotees Familiar With Rural North Carolina
by Devi Moore
Posted September 1, 2006

Some friends and I are looking to move and settle in next year near to a Prabhupada Centered rural-ish extended community somewhere in North Carolina, preferably in the hilly/mountain areas. We are congregational members who were actively involved in ISKCON from the 1970's to early 1990's. We would sincerely appreciate hearing from members of Srila Prabhupada's extetended family who live in these areas and who would be willing to share information about their community and the surrounding areas--rural, nearby towns/cities, etc. (Click here for the full article)

by Garuda das (jr)
Posted September 30, 2006

I have found the best way to get rid of roaches is to do a "maha" clean up of the whole facility at one time, and as you clean, somehow throw the roaches outside, far from their old stomping ground. This answers the non-violence question, but to keep them out the real secret is to caulk any possible crack they could ever hide in using 45 year (or better) latex caulk, as the cheaper stuff can be ate through. If there are gaps too big to caulk, get some packing foam chord (which comes in different diameters) and then caulk the edges of it. If every possible hiding place is closed off (even look upside down under every shelf etc) then by cleaning all areas regularly with bleach (thus killing their own familiar poop scents), the roaches will not take residence again.

Association Needed
by Ankush Singal (New Jersey)
Posted September 29, 2006

I saw Dhira Krishna's message on chakra board. I also don't get much association, but for association, I look on some nice websites as follow:
www.harekrishnala.com/la in this website, click video and you can see live webcam and kirtan

also type tamal krishna in www.youtube.com you can hear some kirtan I think so for the time being this should work.

by Siddhanta das (ACBSP)
Posted September 28, 2006

The following are stories from the "Memories" collection that hopefully will provide some inspiration and meditation for the day.

Shyamasundar das (ACBSP): "Prabhupada was so compassionate with those around him as well. His devotees and every living entity that came into his purview were treated in a very compassionate way. I remember in the early days something he said to me that was very compassionate. I had done something, prior to meeting Prabhupada, where the law had finally caught up with me, and I had to go to jail. (Click here for the full article)

Beautiful View Lot in Saranagati Canada
by jsdasa@hotmail.com
Posted September 26, 2006

This 6.5 acre lot centrally located in the heart of Saranagati has one of the best views in the village. There is a roadside field and an upper plateau, both with excellent agricultural potential. Tested as the best soil quality in the valley. Good drainage and gentle southern slope makes it ideal for fruit trees and vine crops. Situated near an independent ground water source and adjacent to a proposed irrigation main line there is great potential for year round water access for agricultural and domestic use. (Click here for the full article)

Is Inflicting Suffering On Devotees a Vaishnava Aparadha: Reply to Gaurav Mittal
by Rasa Rasika
Posted September 23, 2006

The comments of Gaurav Mittal give us a reminder on this very important subject...expect a reaction from Krsna if you have in any way physically/mentally or sexually abused a devotee of Lord Krsna (esp. children born into this movement)...the next question then is "How do we know if someone is a devotee of Krsna?"....actually even the demons are ultimately devotees playing the part of demons in this world....so the then the next question is....we should not offend any spirit soul as each and every spirit soul is an eternal servant of the Lord, although demons are usually an impediment to the Lord's mission and sometimes have to be removed under the instruction of a qualified devotee.

Rasa Rasika dasa

Desert Rain - a Novel of Reincarnation
by Vedic Theatre
Posted September 21, 2006

Wallace Dorian's first novella, Desert Rain, coming from Rain Publishing in October 2006, takes his heroine, Cynthia Ryan on an ill-fated journey into Indian country that is sure to please contemporary western readers. A kind of new-age "Dances with Wolves" for the new millenium, Mr. Dorian's characters jump out from the pages in their search for love and a place to call home. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Protests Over Dressing Up of Krishna

by Zeenews.com
Posted September 21, 2006

Vrindavan (UP), Sept 17: Shopkeepers downed shutters as protests, against the alleged dressing up of Lord Krishna idol in the famous Banke Bihari temple here in t-shirt, jeans and holding a mobile phone in his hand instead of a flute, spilled over into the second day on Sunday.

A case has meanwhile been filed in court against the temple's caretakers for the allegedly sacrilegious act. (Click here for the full article)

Krishna Balarama Deities Installed in Queens, New York
by Mithuna das and Bhakta Nicholas Jinkhoo
Posted September 21, 2006

August 13 at the archa vigraha installation of Sri Sri Krishna Balarama at the SKC Mandir, Queens, New York, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama took Their places on a beautiful vedic-styled altar.

The atmosphere at the temple was joyful as devotees and well-wishers completed preparations right up to the actual ceremony. By 6:00 p.m., nearly 100 devotees in kirtan led by Keshava Acarya das from the 26 Second Avenue temple, filled the temple hall. At the same time, 75 persons stood outside the temple; anxious mothers could be seen pacing back and forth, pacifying babies. (Click here for the full article)

Looking for Suddhaniddhi Prabhu
by Madhavendra Puri Das
Posted September 20, 2006

I am looking for my devotee-friend named Suddhaniddhi Prabhu, a disciple of His Holiness Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja. I appreciate if you can provide any info about him. He is a black-body american vaishnava. He was traveling across American organizing Harinam Sankirtan in 1996/1997 to all Hare Krishna Temples. Thank you very much for you help. Take a good care of yourself.

Your Servant,
Madhavendra Puri Das
469-879-9704 (Cell)

To Bee Or Not to Bee
by Akruranatha dasa
Posted September 19, 2006

Where I live in Northern California there is an Animal Control organization, I do not know exactly the name or whether they are private or government affiliated, but they have uniforms like park rangers. There might be a similar organization near you.

Once many years ago we had a big wasps' nest right by our front door. We called Animal Control and they came and put a bag around it and removed it without getting stung. (Click here for the full article)

Grand Opening of Sandipani Muni Secondary School
by Rupa Raghunath das
Posted September 17, 2006

It is with great pleasure and a sense of gratitude that I am writing this message. Inaugurating our newly built secondary school is certainly a milestone for us at FFLV.

When we embarked in this endeavor few years back, we had no idea how far we could actually go. Now that the fruit of your support and of our labor has ripened, we really wish that you could join us on the auspicious day of Sharad Purnima, first day of Kartik, the 7 th of October 2006. (Click here for the full article)

Child Protection Poem
by Diana Lee
Posted September 16, 2006

For Vasudeva datta prabhu,
Two verses from my own "sastra":

A wasp-nest in your garden and a small child
What to do, one thinks?
what's more important, wasps in the wild
or a child without hundreds of deadly stings?

Your child will be charmed that no matter what
You protect him from all harm
a book may say this or that
but life's more dear then karm'

Killing Bees
by Premarnava das
Posted September 14, 2006

Regarding: www.chakra.org/living/SimpSep12_06.html. What one have to do to get rid of wasps without killing them is to use smoke. Strong Smoke. One also have to be protected with gloves, double clothes boths, and especially some kind of face mask. When wasps see the smoke coming most of them fly away and that will give you the chance to snap their hive. Once their house is lost then they may linger for a moment but then gradually give up and go somewhere else. If you are not an outdoor person look for someone either a devotee or a regular person to do it. The alternative is killing them which does not make sense.

Reminder: An Evening of Indian Classical Sarod / Saxophone Jugalbandhi Concert
Posted September 14, 2006

SPICMACAY ASU Chapter presents Sangam- A confluence of Music An evening of Indian Classical Sarod / Saxophone Jugalbandhi concert


  • Dr.Rajeeb Chakraborty on the Sarod (North Indian classical string instrument)

  • Mr. Jesse Bannister on the Saxophone

  • Pt. Subhen Chatterjee on the Tabla (Indian Classical Percussion instrument)

Where: Arizona Ballroom (MU 207)-ASU

When: Sept 17th (Sunday) 2006 (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Sri Jagannatha Puri Parikrama 2006

by Bhakti Purusottama Swami, Hindu-Community.com
Posted September 13, 2006

Published 09/5/2006: ISKCON has been organizing Navadvipa and Vrindavana dhama parikramas for many years, giving the opportunity to devotees from around the world to spend time visiting and glorifying these holy places. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu considered three places very dear: Navadvip dhama, Vrindavana dhama and Jagannatha Puri dhama. Jagannatha Puri was so dear to Him that He spent the final 18 years of His time on this planet there. Puri is the home of Lord Jagannath, the most worshipable Lord of the followers of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. (Click here for the full article)

ISKCON of New Jersey Invites You to Celebrate Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra
by ISKCON of New Jersey
Posted September 12, 2006

on Saturday, September 16, 2006 in Military park, Newark, New Jersey.

For more information, please visit: www.iskconofnewjersey.org

'The Purpose of Words' by Chuang Tzu (adapted)
by Madhava Gosh dasa
Posted September 9, 2006

The puRpose of words
is to convey ideAs:
When the ideas are grasped, the worDs are forgotten.
Where can I find a man wHo has forgotten words?
He's the onE I would like to talk to.

Bhagavad Gita 2.52:
"When your intelligence has passed out of the dense forest of delusion, you shall become indifferent to all that has been heard and all that is to be heard."

Madhava Gosh dasa

Bakery Worker Wanted In New York City
by Haraka or Mark
Posted September 8, 2006


A Devotee Bakery Worker is wanted at New York City's largest prashad distribution center. Night shift- steady work in devotional service. Great opportunity with a growing company. No bakery experience needed, just be fast, smart, dependable and sincere to qualify.

Contact Haraka or Mark at 212-505-3700

Seva Prabhu Leaves Body
by Rebecca Das
Posted September 7, 2006

While Priya Sakhi Prabhu has been assisting many devotees in the Vrindavan area for some time with various medical needs, she recently assisted in the passing on of a Vraj resident - a first for her at the Temporary Vrindavan Hospice. The devotee, Vani Seva Prabhu, had been residing in Vrindavan for about 6 or 7 years and had just returned home a few days prior from a trip abroad when she suffered a massive heart attack. (Click here for the full article)

Radhastami Darshan
by Krsna Balaram Mandir
Posted September 6, 2006

Sri Krsna continued: "All the inhabitants of Vrndavana-dhama-My mother, father, cowherd boyfriends and everything else-are like My life and soul. And among all the inhabitants of Vrndavana, the gopis are My very life and soul. And among the gopis, You, Srimati Radharani, are the chief. Therefore You are the very life of My life.

Srimati Radharani is the center of all Vrndavana's activities. (Click here for the full article)

Gujarati Wedding In Spanish Fork
by utahkrishnas.com
Posted September 2, 2006

Saturday we had a wedding of Nepali Anuradha Pradhan and Tyrel Memmott. I set up the puja paraphernalia and then cooked for the usual large confluence of people on a Saturday. We did not have a contract to cater anything for the wedding, but I thought a number of the 50 guests would want to take advantage of the buffet while they were here. I was right, particularly about the groom, Tyrel, who loved the food. (Click here for the full article)

My Only Goal
by Chandini Bundhun
Posted September 1, 2006

It is not important for me to share
The misery which surrounds my soul everyday
To receive affection, I no longer care
For it only turns my life into a play

It is not important for me to expect
For my personal self, any joyful prospect
My goal is to become selfless
To serve humanity without any stress (Click here for the full article)

  To Kill Or Not to Kill
by Mahavidya das ACBSP
Posted September 29, 2006

In the early 70's I was a cook at Bhaktivedanta Manor. The kitchen had a serious roach problem. Mother Manjuali told me that Srila Prabhupada said "we should declare war on them." I have also heard, when Srila Prabhupada was asked if we should kill mice, that his reply was "YOU should be killed."

Obviously, the best remedy for keeping these unwanted guests out is to keep clean. As for killing trees, in -73 when we first got the Manor, we had several orchards of very old and sick fruit trees and Prabhupada told us to remove them.

So it would appear that some discrimination is necessary.

All India Students' Essay Competition
by Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata
Posted September 28, 2006

Topic: India Should Focus on A Balanced Growth of Scientific Temper and Spiritual Wisdom

In Srimad Bhagavad-Gita 7.2, Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna says:

jnanam te 'ham sa-vijnanam idam vaksyamy asesatah
yaj jnatva neha bhuyo 'nyaj jnatavyam avasisyate

Translation: "I shall now declare unto you in full this knowledge both phenomenal and noumenal, by knowing which there shall remain nothing further to be known" (Click here for the full article)

What to Do When Ants And Roaches Envade Your Home Or Temple?
by Kanvadas
Posted September 26, 2006

When ants and roaches invade a home or temple. What to do? Seal them out is the best remedy, but in older buildings this is not so simple. So you may try contact poison which kills them instantly. But you must continue to spray and spray or call in the exterminator and pay and pay.

We recently became invaded by house ants again. So I tried my old trick of using boric aid and it was working but (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Hare Krishna Youth Ministry Bus Tour 2006

by Prabhupada.org
Posted September 24, 2006

This summer, myself (Jahnavi dasi) and three other Bhaktivedanta Manor youth, Jagannath Suta, Nadiya and Saci, embarked on an amazing two month adventure, that took us across twenty American States, clocking up tens of thousands of miles. We had joined the Hare Krsna Youth Ministry bus tour, which with about fifty youth in tow, travels across North America - putting on Rathayatra festivals, holding cultural performances in thirty seven cities and having a lot of fun in between! (Click here for the full article)

More On Prabhupada And Gandhi
by Payonidhi das
Posted September 23, 2006

Srila Prabhupada certainly respected Gandhi in many ways, he did however find some faults in Gandhi. One fault was fasting for political reason, the second was Gandhi's claiming that if there is violence in Bhagavad Gita then he would reject it. Yamuna devi wrote in one of her cookbooks about spiritual fasting

Spiritual Fasting
With spiritual fasting, you may not make headlines,
but you'll make headway on the path back to Godhead.

(Click here for the full article)

Talking to the Bees
by Lilesvara dasa
Posted September 21, 2006

I totally agree with Bhaktin Lynne Murray's solution about talking to the bees. Actually what you're doing is praying to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krsna who is residing in the heart of each and every living entity to guide all of those living entities out of your backyard.

It really does work. (Click here for the full article)

Is Inflicting Suffering On Devotees a Vaishnava Aparadha?
by Gaurav Mittal
Posted September 21, 2006

Criticizing devotees is considered vaishnava aparadha. Such aparadhas are extremely dangerous for a perpetretors devotion. I have heard about this vaishnava aparadha in many lectures and it has been used by devotees to stop their criticisms. Criticisms or insults sometimes hurts the victim devotees emotionally or humiliates him. Many advanced vaishnavas are equanimous in praise or criticism and ignore them. Still, Krishna does not tolerate criticisms. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Sri Krishna Janmasthami

by Mayapur.com
Posted September 21, 2006

The appearance day of Lord Sri Krishna was celebrated with great glamour and festivity here at the ISKCON world headquarters in Mayapur.

The day started in the morning with Mangal Artik and Darshan where the Deities display wonderful new outfits.

For most of the morning there the samksara ceremonies were performed for the pleasure of the Lord as well as for the assembled vaishnavas. Different devotees enacted the roles of Nanda Maharaja, Mother Yasoda, and Sandipani Muni. (Click here for the full article)

Color for Temple Room?
by Bhakta Tom
Posted September 20, 2006

I am remodeling a room in my house to be used for worship. What would be a good color to paint it? All the rooms in my house are currently painted white. I thought I would ask for help since I am so bad at picking colors.

Thank you,
Bhakta Tom tchlfxvt@localnet.com

Ratha Yatra Parade in Philadelphia
by Ramacharan Dasa, ISKCON Philadelphia
Posted September 19, 2006

You Are Invited Ratha Yatra Parade & Festival Of India
An Event for the Entire Family
Saturday, September 23, 2006 (12 Noon - 7:30 PM)
Philadelphia, PA

  • Pyramid Yoga Center
  • Spanish Corner
  • Books On Yoga & Meditation
  • Questions & Answers
  • Folk Dance & Live Music
  • Spiritual Fashions
  • The Science of Self Realization
  • Children's Theater
  • Gift Shop

(Click here for the full article)

Non-violent Removal of Hive
by Bhavasindhu dasa
Posted September 17, 2006

After reading Vasudeva Datta Prabhu's concerns in your short article, it occurred to me that he could ward off the insects without harm, by 'smoking them out'. By using a good quantity of newspaper, and setting it alight near the hive, the insects will likely abandon their hive, at which point it can be disposed of with significantly less danger of being attacked. Still, I would recommend wearing a thick cloth lining as a safe guard against being stung. Also, one should make certain not to place the fire near any combustable items. (Click here for the full article)

Bee Solutions
by Bhaktin Lynne Murray
Posted September 16, 2006

Simply call a bee person and they will come and smoke them and take the nest away. Also many times I have just gone outside and spoken to the bees and asked them to leave, and.... they go. Sit quietly, close your eyes and ask to speak to the one in charge and suggest they go somewhere else. It helps if you have a suggestion as to where. Give them a time limit and solution. I have also suggested that they stay where they are but not sting anyone and that solution was highly effective as well. Have faith and Krishna can do anything.

Getting Rid of Bees
by Satyahit das
Posted September 14, 2006

Regarding: www.chakraorg/living/SimpSep12_06.html. One method is to simply knock the nest away with a long stick & run. This works & they wll relocate . Another method is to use a toxic spray from a pump spray. In order not to kill, this is used by spraying at the nest once briefly, and then standing way back and watching them come out. They do not like the spray & will begin to leave. If not all have left, then another brief spray and stand way back again. They will attack quickly so one must be very careful to stand back. If they attack one directly while going backwards from them, spray them also. A wasp sting is very severe & although not usually deadly is extremely painful.. (Click here for the full article)

Gandhi And Prabhupada And Swadeshi
by Hare Krsna dasi
Posted September 14, 2006

In 1920 a young man who had just completed his studies in philosophy and economics at Scottish Churches College came home to his father, a pious cloth merchant in Calcutta. The young man was wearing home-spun khadi cloth. His name was Abhay Charan, and the khadi cloth he wore signified that he was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. (Click here for the full article)

New Krishna Pastime Videos At Youtube
by Yamini & Mangalananda
Posted September 13, 2006


The Witch Putana

Shakatasura / Trinavarta

You can also access them through our website, AverageSoul.net (go to VIDEO & click on "Kids Corner").

World Animal Protection Day
by Krishna Candra das
Posted September 12, 2006

We are organizing a very big event for the world animal protection day. The Swiss devotees rented the biggest place in the middle of the City of Zürich and will be presenting to the public all the animals that an average Swiss citizen eats in his or her life. All the newspapers and television will bring it as news. You are all invited to participate or to arrange a similar event in your place. (Click here for the full article)

Child Protection Conference To Be Held In Chapel Hill, North Carolina
by Tamohara das
Posted September 9, 2006

The ISKCON Child Protection Office announces the 1st ISKCON North American Child Protection Conference to be held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, November 10 – 12, 2006. This conference is designed to provide Child Protection Team members, devotee parents, educators, and temple managers with tools and resources to take back to your communities. You will have the opportunity to network with other devotees interested in creating safer temples and communities. Conference presenters are from the ISKCON Child Protection Office and other professionals in the field. (Click here for the full article)

Monthly Sankirtan Festival
by ISKCON New York
Posted September 8, 2006

This weekend, September 8-10, will be our second Monthly Book Distribution and Sankirtan Festival. Last month, with the presence of His Grace Vaisesika Prabhu, 32 devotees from New York, went out to 3 different locations in Manhattan, and distributed 256 books and 1000 prasadam cookies, in 3 hours. This is an amazing accomplishment.

This time, our festival will span over 3 days. Friday Sept 8th evening, there will be a harinam sankirtan procession from 26 2nd avenue from 5:30 - 8:00pm. (Click here for the full article)

Assistants of Quality
by Niscala dasi
Posted September 7, 2006

Vrsabha's idea is very sound. It is important, however, that the GBC assistants be elected by the temple devotees themselves- otherwise they would be no better than the present day temple presidents, many of whom are only concerned with keeping their positions secure. We do not want GBC assistants who will gratify and delude their superiors by sycophancy, and cover up problems by expelling those who bring the problems into the light (the "trouble-makers"). (Click here for the full article)

Update On Bhojadeva Prabhu's Condition
by Sacirani dd
Posted September 6, 2006

I would like to update all the devotees regarding Bhojadeva Prabhu's condition.

Bhojadeva Prabhu, my husband and I have been in Bangkok, Thailand, for 13 days. My brother-in-law, Jivanuga was also with us for the first week but has now returned to California. Bhojadeva Prabhu underwent surgery on his left hand and arm a few days after our arrival.

Last Friday the cast on his left arm and hand was removed. (Click here for the full article)

by Ashokamrita Das
Posted September 4, 2006

Anantacarya in his early offering for Radhastami has indeed captured Srimati Radharani's beautiful mood. Any addition or alteration may distort or dilute the content, so I will attempt none but simply add that the PREMA BHAKTA should not miss the transcendental appearance of Lalita.

Lalita appears two days before Radha and perhaps is the single most important medium through which to relish the ever expanding nectar of Radha-Krsna prema. (Click here for the full article)

Care for Cows News September 2006
by Giriseva
Posted September 2, 2006

Our September Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted on our web site (Click Here). Please review it at your earliest convenience.

This month we present:

  1. Visits by Care for Cows well-wishers
  2. A brief introduction to our latest arrivals
  3. Another excerpt from The Miracle of Go Seva, Gita Press
  4. The first of a series of photo essays capturing the habitual behavior of cows.
  5. A natural remedy for eye care.

(Click here for the full article)

New Delhi Hare Krishna Devotee Guest House
by Gaur Sundar das
Posted September 1, 2006

The Hare Krishna Devotee Guest House, is only a 5 minute walk from the ISKCON New Delhi Temple. We offer excellent accomodations and tours for those devotees passing through New Delhi. We will arrange your travel facilities by SUV or train to Sri Jagannatha Puri Dhama, Sri Vrindavan Dham, Sri Mayapur Dham, Sri Dwaraka Dham, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushakar (Lord Brama's Temple) Sri Kedarnath, Badrinath Dham, Gangotri, Jamunotri, Valley of Flowers Kuruksetra, Haridwar, Rushikes Aayodha, Varanashi [Kashi]- Allahabada-Triveni Sangam Vaisnava Devi [Katra-Jammu] or other holy places of pilgrimage. (Click here for the full article)

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