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November 2010
Harmonium, Karatals, Mrdungas Needed
by Bhakta Alex and Bhakta Tyler
Posted November 29, 2010

We are opening a small college preaching center in Flagstaff, AZ and are in dire need of some devotional instruments. We will very gratefully accept donated instruments or will pay what we can for used instruments in decent condition. We are looking for at least 3-4 pairs of karatals with good sound, and a harmonium that is playable. Also we have now one mrdunga but one more would be great! Further if you have any very useful decor or furniture (devotional/oriental/mystical type style) (Click here for the full article)

Departure of HH Purnacandra Maharaja
by the GBC Executive Committee
Posted November 28, 2010

We are greatly saddened by the untimely departure of His Holiness Purnacandra Maharaja.

Maharaja was a dedicated disciple of Srila Prabhupada, and he had worked hard to spread Prabhupada’s message in different parts of the world, in a number of services. He was a dedicated ISKCON sannyasi, preaching enthusiastically and effectively, particularly in the former Soviet Union. Many devotees were enlivened by his wonderful preaching, and he had many initiated disciples particularly in that part of the world.

He also formed and was the chairman of the GBC Body’s Sastric Advisory Committee. This group of some of the most knowledgeable devotees in the movement would consider different important philosophical questions put to it by the GBC, and present papers clarifying different issues for the Body. Through his thoughtful Krishna conscious discrimination Maharaja was able to distill essential truth from many perplexing discussions. (Click here for the full article)

Accountability in ISKCON's GBC
by Devaki devi dasi
Posted November 27, 2010

In his recent article published on the rather new website, TheWatchdog.info, His Holiness Tripurari Swami gives the GBC and Iskcon devotees his opinion on where change and improvement needs to happen in Srila Prabhupada's mission. Pointing to a loss of "love and trust" by the leaders of Iskcon he states, "It is no wonder that the society is not bursting with innovative ideas for preaching and independently thoughtful members. Its leaders do not trust its members, at least not with the power to think for themselves, a crime that has become synonymous with "mental speculation". In his article he goes on to say why he is no longer an official member of Iskcon, although still a well-wisher.

In a recent preaching tour of North Carolina, Tripurari Swami's gatherings were well attended by many Iskcon devotees, (Click here for the full article)

Pure Bliss Organics
by Jaya Govardhana das
Posted November 26, 2010

Pure Bliss Organics is a business dedicated to Lord Caitanya's Sankirtan movement through prasadam distribution. We manufacture granola, energy bars, and gourmet nuts and sell direct to stores all over the U.S. We are seeking devotees to employ in our business who want to grow with us and are willing to relocate or who live in Atlanta. We are offering entry level positions that are full time and pay around $350/wk to start with potential to work into supervisory positions. We are also looking for a roommate(s) in a nice house close to our business to share in the rent which would be $450-500 including utilities, internet, etc. This could be ideal for someone who wants to relocate. Interested sadhus, please call (Click here for the full article)

The Disappearance of Srila Prabhupada
by Siddhanta das
Posted November 20, 2010

Please see the attached YouTube video as a sample of the 40 minute DVD offering of inspirational anecdotes concerning Srila Prabhupada’s final days.

To obtain this DVD please contact: (Click here for the full article)

Ratha Yatra in Chandigarh and Panchkula
by Bhakta Kaplish
Posted November 19, 2010

The local chapter of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) will hold a two-day Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival from 27th November, 2010, in which hundreds of ISKCON devotees and eminent spiritual personalities from India and abroad are expected to participate.

On 27th November, the Yatra will start at 1.00 PM from Sector 15 Market and pass through Sector16,17, 17-18 dividing,21/22 dividing, 22, 22/23 dividing, Kisan Bhawan before culminating at Hare Krishna Dam, Sector 36-B, Chandigarh at 8 PM followed by delicious Krishna Prasadam (bhandara) to be distributed among those present on the occasion. (Click here for the full article)

Devotee Bridal Services
by Ram Vijaya dasa, Singar Studio
Posted November 14, 2010

We have recently formally launched Bridal Makeup, Mehndi (Henna) and Hairstyling service for all devotee brides in North America and Canada. We are based in Austin, TX with over 10 years of experience in the Field, master Makeup artist Bhaktin Lalita Madhavi devi dasi will come to your city to fulfill the bride's needs for any of the services mentioned above. You can look at our website and portfolio at the following link: www.mehndiandmakeup.com

ISKCON Prison Ministry
by Bhakti-lata devi dasi
Posted November 14, 2010

It is with excitement that I am informing you of an addition to our "Inmate Contributions" section on the IPM Website. The new addition is entitled "Whole letters from Inmates" (Click Here).

We usually post only excerpts from letters, but recently I have received such inspiring letters that I decided to share them in their entirety (except from some technical details such as new rules in their institution and the like). These are the kind of letters which fuel my desire to continue dedicating myself to this service. I hope you find some inspiration as well.

Need to Sell Books
by C. Johnson
Posted November 11, 2010

The economy and lost of job is causing the need to sell off my books. I have accrued medical bills from a lengthy illness and need to do this. If you are looking for a book that is not listed here please ask as it is possible that I might have a copy of what you are looking for.

Book and DVD List

Original first edition 1968 Teachings of Lord Chaitanya - hardcover with dust jacket. In very good condition with some tears at edges of dust jacket. Has mylar cover for protection. Pages yellowing which is typical of book of this age. Please make offer. This book is very hard to find.

Original first edition 1972 Macmillan Bhagavad-gita As It Is - hardcover with dust jacket. The book is in excellent condition however the dust jacket is beginning to disintegrate at folds and edges. I have been keeping it in a ziplock to protect. Please make offer.

Please contact me at (Click here for the full article)

Kulimela 2009: Bhajan Kutir – Volume 3 CD Now Available
by Kuli Mela Association
Posted November 10, 2010

KulimeLA 2009: Bhajan Kutir – Volume 3 CD is now available from the Kuli Mela Outlet @ Krishna.com!

Heartfelt Kirtans with Krishna Kishor & Visvambhar (Mayapuris), Radhanath Swami, Bada Haridas, Aniruddha das, Gopal Krishna das and more…

These Kirtans were recorded live in the KulimeLA 2009 Bhajan Kutir at the ISKCON New Dwarka Temple in Los Angeles California.

CLICK HERE Click Here to hear previews of the tracks and to check out the growing Kuli Mela video and audio selections…

In ancient Sanskrit, Kirtan is the sacred, joyful, and spontaneous congregational singing and dancing for the glorification of God. A “Bhajan Kutir” is a special place dedicated to Kirtans. (Click here for the full article)

The Passing Away of Devaki Mayi
by Marici das
Posted November 9, 2010

Few hours ago our dear Devaki Mayi left her body during the auspicious month of Damodar at 8pm in Guayaquil-Equador on 5th November. At that time in India was 6:30am the time when devotees/sadhus do meditation and chant auspicious mantras and that particular day the whole of India was getting ready to celebrate one of the most important days know as the festival of lights or Dipavali. This festival also represents the way we need to clean our hearts to be able to receive our eternal father Sri Krishna in the same way the inhabitants of Ayodhya cleaned, decorated and illuminated the whole of the city of Ayodhya to receive Lord Ramachandra.

It is something incredible how this little Vaishnavi Devaki Mayi with just 20 years and with such a simple, beautiful and kind personality united in prayers devotees from every corner of the world. She left us so many good spiritual teachings and remembrances. (Click here for the full article)

HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami Online Archive
by Bala Clark
Posted November 7, 2010

We are happy to announce the launch of the archive of audio, video, and teachings of H.H. Bhakti Tirtha Swami has been launched at www.btswami.com. So far we have almost 650 audio and video recordings available and will be adding more in the future.

The archive is not yet complete, if you have any recordings, please contact us from the website so that we can add them to the archive.

Visit the archive at: www.btswami.com

Fake Facebook Profile
by Yudhistir Govinda Das
Posted November 3, 2010

Guru Kripa Prabhu (ACBSP and Former GBC) who is currently in Vrindavan wanted me to send the following message over the internet:

Recently somebody has created a fake profile of mine on the social networking site, Facebook and has been using it to send highly offensive and improper messages to the devotees. I wish to inform all the devotees that I have NO connection with the profile or the content going through it and I DON'T HAVE an account on Facebook.

I know who's behind the entire scheme and I'm working on Shutting down the fake profile. For the mean time, I suggest that kindly don't add anyone on Facebook with the name of "Guru Kripa Das" or "Gregory Martin Gottfried" as he has impersonated me on both these names.

In the meantime those who wish to contact me can do so by writing to me on my daughter's email: (Click here for the full article)

  Caregiving & Housesitting
by Mahattama devi dasi
Posted November 29, 2010

I will be available starting the end of this year, 2010, for any care-giving job or house-sitting service you need me for, in any part of the world, please e-mail me with details of job and requirements to (Click here for the full article)

KC Albums for Free Download
by Bhakta Christ
Posted November 28, 2010

www.soulmelodies.com/ produces professional Krishna conscious albums. As a service to devotee community, it is offering high quality MP3 downloads of following albums, free.

They include:

Bliss Eternal

Divine Mellows

Brahma Samhita

Journey To America

Prayers of Queen Kunti and Bhisma

Govinda Damodar Stotram (Click here for the full article)

Please Help Syamacandra Das
by Bhakta Ziad
Posted November 27, 2010

It has been 6 months since 25 year old Syamacandra das, a truly resilient soul,has been diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma-a rare form of bone-marrow cancer which eats away at the bone and ultimately leads to spinal tumors,of which this humbled devotee has 9.

He is a devotee of HH Bhakti Caitanya Swami, who has been in the KC movement for the past 15 years. He has gone from being temple secretary to being head pujari for 4 years before and after the New Jagannatha Puri in Durban, South Africa,had opened its doors.

Syamacandra prabhu is in the third stage of his cancer (Click here for the full article)

Vigilance: Abuse Records for Dhanurdhara Swami and Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami
by Chakra.org
Posted November 26, 2010

Chakra Editorial Comment:

In his memoir, “My Karma, My Fault,” Daniel Lutz, details the abuse he suffered at the hands of those who ran the gurukula where he lived and studied as a child. As a result of his experience, Daniel suffered from severe trauma for many years, and states that he no longer believes in God. It is heartening to hear the response of GBC member Anuttama Dasa, “For Daniel, and for all of our children, we ask that all ISKCON leaders and members pledge to remain vigilant, to always keep improving our schools and child protection systems around the world, and to build for Srila Prabhupada’s society a reputation as a safe and nurturing home for those placed within our care.”

At a time when several men who were awarded the sannyasa asrama by ISKCON, and whom ISKCON records identify as responsible for extensive child abuse, it is troubling to see these swamis still actively preaching in ISKCON venues, whether or not they are still “officially” part of ISKCON. (Click here for the full article)

Visit "Vrindavan Today" Website
by Jagadananda das
Posted November 20, 2010

Vrindavan Today is a new website that brings you daily news of Braj and Vrindavan Dhams — the temple and ashram life, special events, and environmental and heritage protection. We invite you to stay in touch with the Holy Dham of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna by visiting Vrindavan Today,

Vrindavan Today is a non-denominational, non-sectarian site dedicated to the uplift and positive development of the Dham. We are associated with the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance.

The goals of Vrindavan Today are:

  • to attract readers from all around the world to experience the spiritual, religious and cultural glories of Vrindavan and Braj,
  • to build a community of Vrindavan vasis beyond the limits of any one institution or organization,
  • to create awareness of the positive work that different individuals and institutions are doing in Braj/Vrindavan,
  • to publicize vital issues related to the “bhauma” Vrindavan of today, especially those concerning heritage and environment,
  • to become an important source of information about these issues, both past and present, and
  • ultimately, to engage people actively in ways that will serve the practical interests of the Dham.

(Click here for the full article)

In the News:
ISKCON President On Hunger Strike

reposted from Sangai Express, Imphal
Posted November 19, 2010

Following accusations of misuse of temple funds, ISKCON Manipur president Ajit das, along with some other devotees, has launched a fast-unto-death stir, demanding the resignation of GBC Gopal Krishna Goswami demanding his immediate resignation who reportedly made the allegation of fund misuse first.

Speaking to the Sangai Express, Ajit das said that GBC Gopal Krishna Goswami took blind allegations made by one Eknath das of the northeast regional governing council about misuse of temple funds. Taking the words of Eknath das, Gopal Krishna Goswami asked Ajit das to resign from his post yesterday.

However, Ajit das maintained that he has no qualms to give up his post if concrete evidence can be produced against him for misuse of funds. "But I would not resign because of some baseless allegations," Ajit das said. (Click here for the full article)

Time to Move On From the Airports
by Krishna Avatara
Posted November 14, 2010

I was reading the article about the ruling barring the devotees from soliciting at the airport (chakra.org/news2/newsSep24_10.html) and was thinking that this might be a blessing in disguise. Devotees are not perceived in the best light when going to the airport.

As you know, recently a set of deities has been stolen at the Houston temple. There was an article in the Houston Chronicle reporting the theft. What was very informative was the comment section. In short, based on these comments, we are not held in high esteemed in the general public of Houston, even though the Houston’s devotee community is fairly professional. I think that the public views devotees through the prism of the stereotypes developed in the 70’s and 80’s. I think a more promising alternative to the airport is the set of programs that Hridayananda Maharaja, Radhanath Maharaja, and others are beginning to develop in the Bhakti Fest/Ecstatic Dance communities. (Click here for the full article)

Festival of the Holy Name
by Raghunandini
Posted November 14, 2010

Alachua's first 24-hour kirtan festival! Join together in celebration and immerse yourself in transcendental sound vibration. Chant and be happy! Featuring Madhava dasa, Bada Haridas, the Mayapuris, Chakrini and other kirtaniyas.

Join us for two days of twelve-hour kirtan. November 26 and November 27, 2010 — 9 AM to 9 PM (Thanksgiving weekend). ISKCON Alachua temple.

For more information visit the website or Facebook page: www.alachuakirtan.com or Click Here

Brought to you by the Kuli Mela Association and ISKCON of Alachua.

Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jaya
by Syam Priya dd
Posted November 11, 2010

Are you skilled in playing Mrdunga or Kartels?

Do you love chanting maha mantra and bhajans for hours?

Do you love Harinam?

Do you love to be in association of devotees and preach the glories of Lord Chaitanya in colleges?

We have places in the ashram for such devotees (both male and female) in the dynamic and happening temple of New Dwarka in Los Angeles where the weather is always good and there is unlimited scope for preaching. Full morning programme absolutely required.

Join the college and harinam programme and find bliss.

At present we are doing harinam three times (Click here for the full article)

Service Opportunity at Radha Kunda & Syama-Kunda
by New Vrindaban Communications
Posted November 10, 2010

Following the disappearances of Lord Caitanya and Svarupa Damodara, Srila Raghunath dasa Goswami was so crushed that he decided to commit suicide. As Varsana Swami summarizes, “Raghunath dasa planned to jump from the top of Govardhan Hill,”

Sri Rupa and Sanatan would not allow Raghunath dasa to attempt suicide. Rather, Rupa and Sanatan considered that Lord Caitanya, having given His own Govardhana-sila and gunja-mala to Raghunath was a sign that the Lord desired Raghunath to live near Govardhana Hill and worship Radha-kunda. Thus, the Goswamis appointed Raghunath the custodian of Radha-kunda and the acarya for all those who aspire for Raganuga bhakti.

Raghunath took up residence on the bank of Radha-kunda and Syama-kunda. Some years later, the idea of enlarging the kundas entered his mind. Raghunath visualized that in the future, (Click here for the full article)

Natural Farming Workshop in Andhra Pradesh Nov 11-14
by Ravindra Babu
Posted November 9, 2010

Subhash Palekar, Popularly known as "Krishi Ka Rishi" (The "Sage Of Agriculture"), is a famous exponent of natural farming and a tireless promoter of the concept of "Zero Budget Natural Farming",also known as ZBNF.

He hails from Amaravati, Maharashtra,India.

To train the farmers in this technique of natural farming, which solves the problems created by Modern agricultural methods of cultivation, he conducts camps,Workshops, seminars and Visits to model farms.

He has published several books on Natural Farming and they have been translated into many languages as well.

Many thousands of farmers have adopted his natural farming techniques and benefited from this system of farming taught by him. (Click here for the full article)

Looking for a Yoga Teacher
by Kishore Krsna Das
Posted November 7, 2010

I am interested in Starting a Yoga Center in Orlando and Jacksonville florida, USA. Currently we are hosting yoga classes at Universtiy of Central florida where we get 10 to 15 students every week. I am looking for devotees who will be interested in preaching through Yoga. Possible financial arrangements can be made too. So Please send your resume to my email (Click here for the full article)

Please Pray for HG Devaki Mayi DD
by Tusti Mohan Krsna das
Posted November 5, 2010

We are very sad and with tears in our eyes, to announce that our very dear Devaki Mayi mataji is in a very delicate health situation, as she may leave her body at any moment, She is now in The Kennedy Hospital Guayaquil, Ecuador. I just spoke to her husband HG. Ekanath Gaura Prabhu and our God sister Sarvasakti mataji on the phone, both have minor injuries also. They informed me that, a part from having big swelling in her brain, she is now facing a heart failure and the doctors are doing their best level to bring her to a stable situation, but seems it is going to be very hard, as it seems only a miracle of the chanting of the devotees may help her at last moment, please all you offer prayers for her recovery, all of them are very dear disciples of HH Jayapataka Swami, very close secretaries and servants. All they had a car accident but no major injuries to them except for our dear Devaki Mayi dd. (Click here for the full article)

  Men of Faith
by Pink Pages, submitted by Amara dasa
Posted November 29, 2010

India's National Gay & Lesbian Magazine recently published a ground-breaking article on openly gay Vaishnavas within ISKCON and the Vaishnava tradition in general. The article features interviews with Jayesh, a young Indian devotee struggling for acceptance, and Amara Das, one of the Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association's original founding members.

"Men like Jayesh and Amara Das are slowly, but definitely changing one of the most influential Hindu movements of all times. How their battle turns out will have a bearing on the lives of all those who are struggling to reconcile their faith with their sexuality, and more importantly, test the inclusiveness and tolerance of the world's most ancient religion."

(Click here for the full article at Pink Pages) Click Here

Maui Rental
by Chandrika dasi
Posted November 27, 2010

Ohana on Maui Near Best Beaches. This is a one bedroom which is attached to devotee house with its own entrance, full kitchen and bathroom, washer dryer and driveway,as well as 400 square foot deck. It also has ample storage. At least two Weekly Kirtan Programs on island. The rent has been $995 per month, reduced from $1200. We are open to more than one devotee sharing the rent if they are peaceful. The house also has a kirtan, gathering space available to do programs. The street is Kohala in Kihei 96753 for Google maps.

Please Contact Chandrika dasi at (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Gurukuli Abuse Memoir Impels Further Vigilance

by Madhava Smullen, ISKCON News
Posted November 26, 2010

A new book self-published this March by former gurukula student Daniel Lutz, entitled My Karma, My Fault, tells a sobering tale of neglect and abuse suffered in ISKCON boarding schools from 1983 to 1994. And despite the sixteen years that have passed since his experiences—and ISKCON’s proactivity during those years in developing strong child protection systems—they still serve as a powerful reminder of the need for continued vigilance across our international society to protect our most innocent members—our children.

Born in Germany in 1979 just as his parents were developing an interest in ISKCON, Daniel spent much of his early childhood moving around Europe constantly, living in a new temple almost every three and a half months. In 1984, Daniel — then known as Devavrata das — moved to Sweden, where he and his family settled into the Hare Krishna community in Almviks Gard. There, at the age of five years old, he was enrolled in his first gurukula. (Click here for the full article)

Diwali Festival in Tucson
by Krishna Kripa das
Posted November 20, 2010

Urvashi Dance Troup perform traditional Indian Dances

While visiting Tucson to increase our outreach at the university, I attended their Diwali festival. When I was a new devotee, Diwali festivals were not common. Thus I tend to think they are not so much a part of our practice of Krishna bhakti but something tacked on to it to please the Indian congregations, and for that reason, I am not so inclined to them. Still, they are an opportunity for people to engage in devotional service in different ways so I enthusiastically promoted the Diwali festival at the university, as well as our restaurant, Sunday feast, and my Gita seminar.

The devotees did a good job organizing the festival, transforming their parking lot into an outdoor auditorium and making arrangements for prasadam, a book display, a cooking demonstration, and the chance to offer lights to the deity. It was exciting to see all the people coming, many for the first time. And many of the first timers were genuinely happy they had come. (Click here for the full article)

Invitation to Ludhiana Ratha Yatra
by Rajsuyadas Adhikari
Posted November 19, 2010

This is to kindly inform you all that by the mercy of Lord Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra and special blessings of Srila Prabhupada, His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj (GBC) & H.G. Mahamandas Adhikari Prabhu (ACBSP) [Co-Zonal Secretariat], we feel great pleasure to announce the date of the historic & universally renowned 15th annual Lord Jagannath Ratha Yatra (Festival of Chariot) in Ludhiana. This year Ludhiana Ratha Yatra will be held on 19th December 2010 (Sunday). Detailed schedule will be sent later. (Click here for the full article)

Lodging at Sri Rangam
by Ravi Kumar
Posted November 14, 2010

Govinda Krishna Ashraya has been started to facilitate devotees visiting Srirangam (Karnataka, India) as pilgrims or to stay for a longer time as to study, research or even for retirement. For details contact (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Deputies Investigating Explosion in New Vrindaban

by wtov9.com, submitted by New Vrindavan Communications
Posted November 14, 2010

Deputies in Marshall County are investigating what members of a Hare Krishna community say was a threat targeting them because of their religion.

Members of the New Vrindaban community are working with the Marshall County Sheriff's Department and prosecutor's office to find out whether a recent incident was a serious threat or a prank.

On Nov. 1, members reported hearing a loud explosion and said four devices were tossed from a moving vehicle. The incident happened at the New Vrindaban's buildings near Moundsville, said New Vrindaban security force member Gerald Yule.

Yule said he believes pieces of tin foil that littered the ground were from a homemade explosive device. But law enforcement officials are still investigating if the devices were explosives, noisemakers or something else. (Click here for the full article)

Balagopala Das Needs a Sponsor
by Gaura-Nitai das
Posted November 11, 2010

My son Balagopal das age 9 has been attending the Sri Mayapur International School (SMIS) for almost three years now. Recently the source of funding for his schooling has been stopped. We are urgently seeking a new sponsor for his tuition. Despite the fact that SMIS offers fantastic opportunities for academic, spiritual and social growth the school’s tuition is relatively inexpensive. Some of the subjects being taught are the standard three r's, mrdanga, harmonium, language classes, art, physical education and sastra classes

The total annual fee is RS30,000 which is about $680 (Click here for the full article)

Care for Cows Newsletter November 2010
by Kurma Rupa das
Posted November 10, 2010

The November 2010 issue of our Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted. Please review it at your earliest convenience.


In this edition of 16 pages (1.5 MB) we present reports on:

1. A recent rescue of a cow injured on the Vrindavan Parikrama Path.

2. An encouraging report on Gulab who came to us with a broken leg and is now pulling the school bus.

3. The three calves born this month. (Click here for the full article)

Kulimela Australia: Limited Time Registration Discount
by Kuli Mela Association
Posted November 9, 2010

I’m going to keep this short and sweet!

It’s time to get excited as we are only 7 WEEKS AWAY from Kulimela Australia!

The dates are from the 27th of December 2010 through the 9th of January 2011, with the 4 day Kulimela part running from Thursday the 6th of January to Sunday the 9th.

You have only until Nov 14th to register yourself at the discounted “Child’s” booking rate.

This means AU $64 per week, which is almost half off the regular adult registration fee (AU $108).

We are on track to set the standard of these events with world class Kirtan leaders and the ideal location. (Click here for the full article)

Four Acres for Sale Near New Talavan
by Devala Rsi das & Sri Pati dd
Posted November 7, 2010

We have four acres for sale in the piney woods of southern Mississippi. Located 2.5 miles from the New Talavan farm community, the property is on a secluded paved road with woods on 3 sides. The fourth side has one elderly neighbor who is quite friendly and helpful but minds his own business. We are one hour from New Orleans and 40 minutes from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There is no home on the property but there is one storage shed. There is a 30’ x 60’ concrete house slab.

· Septic system

· Electrical service established

· Community water

· DSL internet service available

· Fruit trees

· Many blueberry bushes (Click here for the full article)

New Orleans Plans Nov. 20 Rathayatra
by Yogindra vandana das, President, ISKCON New Talavana
Posted November 3, 2010

2010 promises to be the best-ever Rathayatra with a two-day event: Saturday, November 20 in Washington Square Park on 706 Elysian Fields with the traditional parade coming from Canal Street down Decatur to the park; and Sunday, November 21 with a return parade from Elysian Fields to Saint Claude, to Saint Bernard, North Broad, Esplanade and back to the temple. The park fest will include professional music, dance, drama, food and exhibitions provided by Madhuha's Festival of India.

This year, with Indian bhajan singer Anup Jalota performing live on the stage, we are sure to get more Indians in the crowd. Titksava Karunika and the temple bhajan band will electrify the evening with their music. We fully expect that it will be the biggest and best Rathayatra in the southeastern United States. The Lords of the Universe will again visit the Streets of New Orleans for the second time in one year and grace all the unfortunate conditioned souls with benediction smiles and offer them all prasadam and liberation from the world of birth and death.

History of the New Orleans Rathayatra

(Click here for the full article)

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