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March 2005
Breathing freely, a reply to Waiting to Inhale
by Shiva das
Posted March 31, 2005

Recently a devotee named Dasanudas Vanacari wrote an article posted on Chakra entitled Waiting to Inhale. In the article he gives his opinion that it is offenses and a lack of spiritual strength which impells people into leaving ISKCON. (Click here for the full article)

Five Acres plus Mobile Home in Alachua
by Grahila das
Posted March 30, 2005

1995 Homes of Merit MH 3 Bedroom/2 Bath. 1350 square ft. Heat pump/AC, overhead ducts. Energy efficient with 2"x 6" walls and double windows. Gas stove, Washer/Dyer. Upgrade carpet. 3.5 acres good farmland suitable for organic farming. Partially irrigated. Some fruit trees. Devotee neighborhood in peaceful environment. 4 miles from temple. Market value 90K+. Priced to sell at $74,000. Contact: bonnie_l_a@yahoo.com.

In the News:
"Mahabharata" - A New Vision

by Barbara Kowal
Posted March 29, 2005

The following interview with director Wallace Dorian (WD) took place recently with Westnews Publisher Barbara Kowal (BK) in anticipation of the upcoming premiere of "Mahabharata" in May 2005 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Click here for the full article)

Gays in the Asrama
Gaurachandra dasi
Posted March 28, 2005

Thanks Amara for your artical, "Gays need not apply". As a brahmacharini for 8 years my temple president never asked and I never told him either I was a lesbian. My own celibacy surpassed every other brahmacarini (and brahmacary) that joined up within a decade of my joining Krsna Consciousness. (Click here for the full article)

Report from Dallas Initiative Teams
by Gopala Bhatta das
Posted March 27, 2005

If you're one of the three thousand devotees who have visited the new SSPT website, thank you. If not, please accept our invitation to learn about the new excitement going on in ISKCON North America. (Click here for the full article)

Effects of prasadam on health
by Gaurav Mittal
Posted March 26, 2005

The article "Honoring Prasadam" represents common accepted views among Iskcon devotees. Personally, I agree with "Vitamins not in Srimad Bhagavatam" article.

(Click here for the full article)

New Book Release - "Eighteen Days: Sri Panca-tattva's Mayapur-lila"
by Braja Sevaki dasi
Posted March 24, 2005

Alankara Books is pleased to announce their debut publication, entitled "Eighteen Days: Sri Panca-tattva's Mayapur-lila." This beautifully presented book covers the eighteen day period from the arrival of Sri Panca-tattva in Mayapur, up to Their maha-abhiseka installation ceremony---undoubtedly the most spectacular deity event in ISKCON's history. (Click here for the full article)

Sri Gaur Purnima - March 25th
by ISKCON New York
Posted March 23, 2005

Sri Gaura Purnima
Appearance Day of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu

Dear Devotees,

You are all cordially invited to celebrate the Transcendental appearance day of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu at Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir on Friday, March 25, 2005. This year, their Lordships, Sri Sri Dayal-Nitai Vijay Gauranga, the deities of the Bhaktivedanta Ashram in New York City, will be making their first trip to Sri Sri Radha Govinda's Temple to accept the worship of all the devotees on this festival evening. Please come with your family and friends to take part in this auspicious festival. (Click here for the full article)

Gays Need Not Apply
by Amara das
Posted March 22, 2005

What was once done privately in some temples behind closed doors has now become public policy in others. A statement on Danavir Maharaja's "Rupanuga Vedic College" website reads:

"Due to the nature of shared-facility living at RVC's all-men seminary, persons of homosexual persuasion who are desirous to become students and/or faculty/staff members, are advised to obtain alternative residence."

(Click here for the full article)

ISKCON now encourages advanced education
by Kalavati d.d.
Posted March 20, 2005

Sri Nrshingha das made some excellent points in his article ISKCON's coming succession crisis. I am responding, in part, because I think there are many devotees who, like myself, are not high-profile, but are still very involved and very much a part of ISKCON as ISKCON's next (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Will residents here stomach food charity?

by Caroline McClatchey
Islington Express (UK)
Posted March 19, 2005

A Hare Krishna homeless charity is moving to Islington after angry residents forced it out of Camden. The Food for All charity has been helping and feeding the homeless from its Royal College Street base for almost three years. (Click here for the full article)

Holi/Gaura Purnima festival
by Caru das
Posted March 17, 2005

HOLI, The Festival of Colors
When: March 26, Saturday 4 pm
Where: Krishna Temple, 8628 S Main St., Spanish Fork, Utah
Contact person: Charu or Vai
Contact Numbers: 798-3559/787-1510

(Click here for the full article)

Meeting attendees were child abusers, says gurukuli
Name withheld by request
Posted March 15, 2005

In Urmila dasi's latest post I could not find a word of compassion for the sufferings of the Vaishnava students who wrote in about Sri Ram. As far as I could tell, she gave no acknowledgement of our feelings and personal experiences from gurukula. Instead, she wrote a letter documenting meetings to stop abusers, where some of the attendees were themselves abusers. She continues to defend the abusers who ran the gurukula. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Sharing through food and conversation

by Mindy Messenger
Posted March 14, 2005

"A lot of people lose faith in the world," said Harivilas das, co-founder and manager of My Sweet Lord Cafe. "And those are the people I made this cafe for. Those are the people I'm trying to reach, whether they're wealthy or homeless." (Click here for the full article)

Open Letter to the SSPT
by Tripurari das
Posted March 13, 2005

Hare Krishna, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Uncertain of what exactly your plans are with this initiative since there is no description on the website, I'm not sure how relevant my comment will be or if it should be placed under a different category. Nonetheless, knowing Anuttama prabhu, this looked as good a place as any and it certainly ties in with the topic of grhastha ashrama. (Click here for the full article)

A letter about child abuse
from the mother of a victim
Posted March 12, 2005

This is in response to Srimad Bhagavatam das' article entitled "Pedophiles Should Not Be Allowed Into the Temples," posted on February 8, 2005. I agree 100%. Pedophiles should not be allowed into the temples because these individuals are sick! There is no particular profile of a typical child abuser. A pedophile could be anyone. (Click here for the full article)

Homosexuality — the issues and the facts
by Sridhar Raman
Posted March 11, 2005

A lot of discussion has been going on amongst practitioners of Krishna Consciousness in internet forums on the topic of homosexuality. Some offer good ideas and thoughts for addressing the subject. Some offer homophobic views and misuse philosophy for justifying their fanaticism, as in the article "ISKCON should not accommodate gays."

(Click here for the full article)

Laguna Beach Sunday School
by bhaktin Erica
Posted March 10, 2005

ISKCON Laguna Beach's current semester of Sunday School is running from February 6th through April 3rd. This semester's topic is "Animals in the Vedas". Children of all ages are welcome. Generally the children will chant and hear a story together and then the younger children (5 and under) will do crafts and the older children who can write will work in their workbooks and do various projects. The program starts at 6:00 pm and lasts until arati time at 7:00 pm. (Click here for the full article)

Searching for Information about Daksina dasi
by Atmavana dasi
Posted March 9, 2005

Hare Krsna everyone! I was wondering if anyone out there might know what really happened to my old friend Daksina dasi? Her son was Govinda dasa and she was in the Los Angeles temple in the early 70's while I was, with my son Samba dasa. We lost touch over the years and when I came back to Krsna Consciousness in 1992 I was remiss in looking her up. (Click here for the full article)

Positive Solutions
by Niscala dasi
Posted March 8, 2005

There has been a request for more positive contributions for the initiative committee to consider, as most of the contributions from readers have been "lukewarm or negative". Actually this is necessary before a positive contribution can be made- that the problems or negative aspects are analyzed. Of course one cannot consider a negative aspect without being negative, but it is meant to lead to something positive. So what follows is an attempt in this direction. (Click here for the full article)

Prabhupada rejected corporal punishment
by Sanjaya das
Posted March 7, 2005

I am an education professional of fifteen years and have been left speechless by the article"What constitutes child abuse?" I must speak up for those who have no voice in this deeply concerning article -- the children. (Click here for the full article)

Extra security to protect children at the Mayapur Festival
by Ramadevi dasi
Mayapura CPT
Posted March 6, 2005

Prabhus, below is a notice regarding security for the festival in Mayapur this year. We want to make an all out effort to avoid a repeat of last year's problems. It's a bit lengthy because there are forms at the end for devotees to fill out before they come to save time in the registration process. Please post this as soon as possible on your conference sites and, if possible, print it out and post it in your temples or anywhere it may be seen by devotees coming for the festival. (Click here for the full article)

Successful Prasada Business For Sale
by Lilasuka dasi
Posted March 5, 2005

The ground work has been done and now it is time to have someone step in that can take this successful business to the next level. Shooka's Granola Co. is based in NC and can easily be moved. Shooka's is a bulk granola co. that retails in Whole Foods Market stores in North Carolina and South Carolina as well as local co-ops. The growth potential in nation wide. Anyone interested please e-mail Lilasuka dasi at shookasgranola@yahoo.com

Thank you very much,
Your Servant,
Lilasuka dasi

"Srila Vyasadeva's Story"
A new one-man play

Posted March 4, 2005

World premiere August 2005. Never before seen in ISKCON. Now accepting booking inquiries from all temples and Hindu organizations. For more info kindly visit website: www.playsthething.homestead.com/vyasa.html

Fourth Annual North American Convention
"Festival of Inspiration"

ISKCON Communications
Posted March 3, 2005

Where: NEW Vrindaban Community, West Virginia
When: Festival of Inspiration Convention

  • Friday, May 6, 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 7, 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Sunday, May 8, 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

(Click here for the full article)

ISKCON Chapter 11 - Voting Begins In March
by Gupta das
Posted March 2, 2005

On February 25, 2005, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court reset the date to mail out ballots to the Gurukuli claimants to March 11, 2005, and authorized delivery of the legal documents by CD. In the voting packet there will be a CD disk which contains the Disclosure Statement, Reorganization Plan and Exhibits, along with a hard copy of the ballot and other documents which need to be returned in an enclosed return envelope. The CD will auto run on either a Mac or a PC, and will contain an Acrobat Reader installation file as well. (Click here for the full article)

Correction: No Nitai Chand initiations . . . for now
by the Chakra editorial team
Posted March 1, 2005

A recent Chakra article stated that the GBC body had been requested to reverse their previous decisions regarding Nitai Chand, clearing him of past charges and allowing him to become an initiating guru in ISKCON. We have now learned this is only partly correct.... (Click here for the full article)

The Hindufication of ISKCON
by Ragaputra das
Posted March 31, 2005

I read with almost utter disbelief the announcement from the Spanish Fork temple in Utah regarding the "Holi/Gaura Purnima festival." Here's the quote, among many paragraphs about Holi, which contains the sole mention of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and his glorious appearance day. (Click here for the full article)

Translators Wanted!
by Nrsimhananda das
Posted March 30, 2005

The third replication of the Srila Prabhupada DVD Library is selling briskly. We expect that it will be sold out by the end of the year. Therefore, we are preparing to invest in version 3. Version 2 debuted with 19 languages subtitled - 10 complete and 9 incomplete. There is room for only 30 languages on the dvd. (Click here for the full article)

Shastric response to "What Constitutes Child Abuse"
by Dhira Nitai das
Posted March 29, 2005

As a Vaishnavas, we should always refer to shastra for an evidence. Manu-samhita, the Law Book of Manu prescribes proper behavior for advanced, civilized human beings like brahmanas. I will now quote a few verses, how a real brahmana should act towards all of his subordinates. These kind of verses are not stressed enough and that is why I have chosen them. They speak for themselves and also explain why there are so many problems in our ISKCON Society. (Click here for the full article)

Dealing With the Loss of One's Spiritual Master
by Stephen Knapp
(Sri Nandanandana dasa)
Posted March 28, 2005

When the spiritual master leaves the body and moves on, it is naturally the worst day of the disciple's life. Many times we have become accustomed to thinking of our guru in a particular way, serving him in certain ways, listening to his classes, waiting and longing for him to visit our town or local temple, engaging in special exchanges with him or her, and then suddenly all such prospects are gone. The depth of our despair can be unfathomable. So what do we do then? (Click here for the full article)

The Sweetest Thing of All
by Niscala d.d.
Posted March 27, 2005

Shyamarani's article seems to convey the idea that any sort of criticism is against proper vaisnava behaviour. Interestingly, her case in point describes Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati criticizing his disciple for criticizing another disciple. What was the difference? Can only a guru criticize? Or is it that the quality of criticism has to be changed from envious, proud and destructive to loving and compassionate? (Click here for the full article)

Krishna Conscious after school day care wanted
by Nisha
Posted March 26, 2005

I am looking for Krishna Conscious after school day care or in home nanny at Manassas, Virginia. This is 30 minutes away from Washington DC. Contact 208-866-2489 or nishaji@gmail.com.


Gaura Purnima LIVE broadcast from Alachua Temple
by ISKCON New Raman Reti
Posted March 24, 2005

Tune in to the Gaura Purnima festival live at New Raman Reti, Alachua, Florida:


You'll see a webcam broadcasting from the temple room, plus streaming MP3 sound.

(Click here for the full article)

Regional Gaura Purnima Festival in Beautiful Laguna Beach
by Bhaktin Molly
Posted March 23, 2005

Join the hundreds of devotees from all over Southern California who come to celebrate the most Auspicious Appearance Day of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu for the Regional Gaura Purnima Festival at the ISKCON Laguna Beach Mandir With honored guest speaker His Holiness Indradyumna Maharaja... (Click here for the full article)

Bhakti Tirtha Swami suffers serious reversal
by Citi-Sakti d.d.
Posted March 22, 2005

As you know from the previous update, H.H. Bhakti Tirtha Swami's cancer had somewhat flared up in the lymph nodes and muscle in the left upper thigh area since the recent festival. Since the festival he has been continuing his intense treament programme and a restricted diet as a means to slow down the cancer and potentially facilitate one last visit to some yatras. (Click here for the full article)

Conversations Through Email
by Praghosa das
Posted March 20, 2005

Hear and read over one thousand lectures and conversations of Srila Prabhupada on PrabhupadaVani.org. Take the opportunity to listen to the narration of Srimad-Bhagavatam rendered by Amal Bhakta das while you are there. (Click here for the full article)

B.T. Swami stresses relationships and community building
by Jagannatha Pandita das
Posted March 19, 2005

I wanted to share a little about our most ecstatic Maha Vyasa Puja and Samskara Festival this past weekend in Gita Nagari. One Prabhupada disciple told us it was the best festival he's ever attended. We had several wonderful yatra offerings on Friday and Saturday from devotees all over the world. There were about 20 countries represented and at least 33 different Yatras. (Click here for the full article)

Seeking/desiring service (seva)
by Radha Govinda das
Posted March 18, 2005

My name is Radha Govinda dasa, writing from Montreal, Canada. Am, presently in a 45y/o, vanaprastha body; fluent in spoken and written English and French; with a certain fluency in spoken Spanish. (Click here for the full article)

Orphanages Need Rigorous Child Protection Policy
by Hare Krsna dasi
Posted March 17, 2005

I was interested to read Jahnava Nitai's article announcing a program to care for children at numerous orphanages throughout Tamil Nadu. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Tamil Nadu devotees provide food and blankets to Tharamani orphans

by Jahnava Nitai das
Bhaktivedanta International Charities
Posted March 15, 2005

We would like to thank all of you who have come forward to help in the tsunami relief effort, as well as those who have participated as volunteers helping cook and distribute sanctified food to thousands of tsunami victims over the last two and a half months. Our team of volunteers in Tamil Nadu have worked tirelessly to help as many people as possible recover following the disaster. Besides feeding thousands, we distributed over a thousand blankets to affected familiesr. The situation is now slowly returning to normal, and we will begin focusing on more long-term help for children affected by this disaster. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
GBC meetings days 5 & 6

by Janaka Mahajana das
Posted March 14, 2005

The notes for this fifth day are brief because the GBC members met in subcommittees all morning. Then they convened to conduct straw voting.

One vote concerned a proposal from the Child Protection Office to modify the original Task Force Document. The main change has to do with the Appeal Review Board. Ten additional recommendations were proposed concerning other points. (Click here for the full article)

Srila Prabhupada's Instructions on Advanced Association
A Response to Aniha das

by Rocana das
Posted March 13, 2005

In his February 11th article on Chakra, Aniha das responded to my previous article wherein I address my many concerns over B.V. Narayana Maharaja's comments on the Bhagavata Sampradaya theory. Aniha's opening excuse that he is unqualified to respond on a philosophical level is nonsense. Instead, he was moved to express his sentiments and frustration at my apparent criticism of great Vaisnava personalities. He refuses to directly debate, point on point, but instead resorts to the touchy, feely, new-age approach. He parrots often-heard verses and stories used by spokesmen of the Gaudiya Matha camps. (Click here for the full article)

GBC Proposal Resolution number 8
Correcting 28 years

by Vivasvan das,
Temple president, Tampa, Florida
Posted March 12, 2005

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Those who don't know me, I was initiated in Boston in 1973 with Niranjana Swami, Adikeshava and Agrani amongst others. I started ISKCON Tampa in 1989 requested by Rtadvaja Swami. (Click here for the full article)

Prasadam Business Wanted
by Lilananda das
Posted March 11, 2005

Wall Street devotee executive looking for whosale prasadam business to purchase. Serious inquiries only please. We can be contacted at Lilananda.acbsp@pamho.net

Vitamins not in Srimad Bhagavatam
by Subhadra-Mayi dasi
Posted March 10, 2005

I read both the articles by Harer Nama das and Elise Boyd. I have to say, I put my money on Elise. There seems to be a common misunderstanding that, because foodstuffs are offered, they are healthy. (Click here for the full article)

Bus and Truck drivers needed for youth summer festival tour
by Manu das
Posted March 9, 2005

Volunteer bus and truck drivers needed for Youth Summer Festival of India Ratha-yatra Tour, North America: June 24th - August 21st.

Benefits: Pure bliss, inspiration, festivals and great prasadam.

For details, visit: Krishna.com/bustour

(Click here for the full article)

Cross Maidan Prabhupada Festival
by Ananda Tirtha das
Posted March 8, 2005

The Prabhupada Festival here comes to a close tonight, and since there hasn't been much coverage (apart from the video clips on www.krishna.com/tv), I thought to upload some photos for the pleasure of the devotees worldwide. (Click here for the full article)

The Luxurious Sannyasi Hoax
by Baladeva das
Posted March 7, 2005

Kapiladeva Prabhu has brought up an important issue about guru's accountability in regard to the utilization of public donations given to them in good faith. I agree with him that my article was about a different point- the problem of our sannyasis living in luxury. His point was about being honest in regard to common law, and of course this is essential. But in addition to that there must be honesty according to the standard of sastra. Both are necessary for the integrity of our movement. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
All we are high on is love for God:
American band rocks ISKCON fest

by Baisakhi Roy
Posted March 6, 2005

Nearly 50,000 people attended the concert. Devotees from all over the world Europe, US, Africa, Australia and Asia to attend the fest.THEY kept begging for more. Crowds cheered and screamed as American band Namrock played Krishna-inpired rock-n-roll numbers on the last day of the Hare Krishna International festival. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Day 4 of the GBC meetings

by Janaka Mahajana das
Posted March 5, 2005

In line with the Vedic cultural tradition of the king opening his court to anyone, and in line with our modern tradition of openness and transparency, the GBC this year invited any devotees to express their concerns in person to the GBC body. (Click here for the full article)

Renewal process itself is flawed
by Niscala d.d.
Posted March 4, 2005

The initiative to reform ISKCON, to make the leaders accountable and to achieve other similarly laudable resolves, is now the appointed responsibility of an initiative committee and its handpicked teams, but will the process of bureacracy itself come under scrutiny? Speaking unpleasant, necessary facts to "senior vaisnavas" is never offensive. When will rank and file devotees be encouraged to speak up when something is amiss, and such action be acclaimed as courageous, rather than branded offensive? When Duryodhana criticized Vidura for his birth, that was offensive, but Dhrtarastra appreciated and acted on the criticism of Vidura. Honest leaders appreciate critical feedback; they do not try to protect position by manipulating philosophy. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
2nd Day of the GBC meetings

by Janaka Mahajana Das
(Assistant GBC Secretariat)
Posted March 3, 2005

February 28 was the second day of the GBC meetings and was devoted entirely to a presentation by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. The purpose of the presentation was to "improve the relationship between the BBT and GBC." (Click here for the full article)

Sociological research on gays in ISKCON
by Vrsabha das
Posted March 2, 2005

Hare Krishna!
I am a student in the "Bhaktivedanta College" (Radhadesh). As an assignment for the sociology course I have chosen the topic "Gay devotees in ISKCON". My plan is to do a systematic study with two goals in my mind. a) To contribute to much better relationships between devotees of different sexual orientations in ISKCON, and (of course) b) to pass my exam. (Click here for the full article)

How to Help Srila Prabhupada
by Dwaipayana das
Posted March 1, 2005

I live here in England. I have been in ISKCON for many years and have seen a lot of things -- the good, the bad etc. What to do? We have a small centre here on the coast, it's a shop front with a small flat on top. We make prasad twice a day and feed anyone who is hungry. A lot of the time we worry so much about ourself and forget these poor souls suffering in this material world. If we really have faith in Srila Prabhupada and Krsna everything will come to us. The future is bright, people still have respect for us as devotees. We can pound them into surrender. Or we can give them Krsna's mercy in the form of prasad. I think Krsna knows what He's doing, let's assist him.

Back to nature, back to God
by Satyahit das
Posted March 31, 2005

Srila Prabhupada appeared in India at a time when growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and frozen foods were not used. Canned foods -- I am not sure. (Click here for the full article)

Job Opportunities
by Lalita Labanga d.d.
Posted March 30, 2005

We have established a nonprofit organization in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. The organization name is "They Call Us Friends, Inc. We received approval from the IRS for tax exempt and that is a 501C3 status on February 1. The organization was approved for a) basic educational training, b) a referral agency, c) feeding/sheltering the homeless, and d) prison ministry. (Click here for the full article)

Renowned Ox Power Experts Meet
Posted March 29, 2005

As a consequence of participating in the TAWS workshop on the 15th of April, 2004, Paul Starkey, a consultant specializing in animal traction and also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre of Agricultural Strategy, University of Reading, requested a site visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor for the next day. Accompanying him was Drew Conroy, lifelong ox teamster, prolific writer on working oxen, international ox trainer PHD, and lecturer in dairy science. There was also Jorg Bremond from Germany with knowledge of padded harness for oxen and Cozette Griffin-Kremer from the French center of Ox History and Techniques. (Click here for the full article)

Small Comment
by Malati dasi
Posted March 28, 2005

I would like to present a brief clarification to the article written by Vivasvan das: While he does not specifically say that he is an "ISKCON Temple President", it could be assumed that he is such. The clarification requested is that the temple in Tampa is no longer accepted as a recognized ISKCON center. If anyone has questions on this point, they are welcome to contact me personally.

Thank you,

Malati dasi
(GCB Member, formerly including Tampa)

Question of the week
by Maharatha das
Posted March 27, 2005

As part of a service project we're working on I've created a weblog that deals with issues surrounding varnashrama and creating mentorships. Every Wednesday we post a 'Question of the Week.' I hope you can take moment to post a comment. This will help us brainstorm ideas on how to develop mentorships that help souls develop a spiritual and vocational balance and strengthen our communities. (Click here for the full article)

Free Vaishnava Philosophy Movies at www.bhaava.com
by Bhava-sindhu das
Posted March 26, 2005

My dear Guru Maharaja Hridayananda das Goswami has recently asked me to give more lectures on Vaishnava philosophy. Therefore, in an attempt to be of some preliminary assistance to him, as well as to all other sincere devotees of the Lord, I am hereby presenting a completely new website, www.bhaava.com, that features lecture movies on Vaishnava philosophy. Currently there are two movie lectures available: 1) "Lucretius's 'Imperfect World' Argument" (length: 12:23) and 2) "Are Kleshas Imperfections or Perfections?" (length: 13:35).

(Click here for the full article)

Third Round of Prison Preaching
by Iskcon Ludhiana
Posted March 24, 2005

Moving forward in our continued chain process of Prison Preaching, we visited in the prison on Saturday February 2nd, in boy's jail aging between 18-25 years for preaching. Prisoners took part in the Kirtan very interestingly by dancing with mahamantra. They also listen the lecture on Srimad Bhagwat Gita. (Click here for the full article)

Clarifying thoughts on nutrition
by Elise Boyd
Posted March 22, 2005

I think I didn't drive my point home very well, considering this comment: "For example, there was an article in Chakra which blamed Iskcon for sickness of Iskcon leaders. The article attributed their sickness to lack of proper diet, i.e., a diet devoid of fruits, vegetables, etc. Ultimately, each person is responsible to eat right food and to take proper nutrition." (Click here for the full article)

ISKCON leaders should encourage free thought
by Gaurav Mittal
Posted March 20, 2005

The basic flaw in eary ISKCON days is that they tried to do too much. They tried to control the lives of people and teach them "How to lead their lives." To facilitate this, they formed ashramas, gurukulas, etc. In these ashramas and gurukulas, people were dependent upon ISKCON management. If management were misguided, uncompassionate or lacked human values, the people under them became unsatisfied and, therefore, problems started. (Click here for the full article)

New book on Gayatri mantras
by Kalakantha-devi dasi
Posted March 19, 2005

HH Srila Sacinandana Swami has written a book to help devotees explore the intricate meanings of the gayatri-mantras, while gaining inspiration and encouragement for their devotional service. (Click here for the full article)

Could you be gay, and not know it?
by Yadunandana Pada das
Posted March 18, 2005

Logic, the Bible, the Vedas, modern and Freudian psychology, Carl Jung, neuron-synaptic-science, quantum physics, Deepak Chopra, Aldus Huxley, and even Lisa Simpson -- to name a few -- seem to agree on enough relevancies to drive a point. Our ill perceptions, faultfinding, phobias, and even crusades are self-driven projections and reflections of our very own selves. Comparing ourselves to the world and others, we battle against those observations, within ourselves and in our lives, which we demonize as the evils in others. Thus, we punish and criticize those others in order to "save face" and aggrandize ourselves beyond our self-inflicted feelings of guilt and inadequacy in our illusory, desperate search for identity. This is basic human nature -- fear and defending, as in "eating, sleeping, mating, and defending". (Click here for the full article)

Compassion; response to "Meeting Attendees were child abusers"
by Urmila d.d.
Posted March 17, 2005

My apology to the un-named person who noted that I only wrote about the official record of meetings and when child protection plans were drafted and by whom. I was not writing my feelings or desires. I wrote simply some facts of which I am aware. I beg that anyone I have offended, intentionally or unknowingly, will kindly be soft-hearted and bless me. With that mercy, perhaps I can overcome all self-imposed impediments to divine love for Krishna, which includes love for all living beings who are His beloved parts. The author asks if I have compassion. The road to compassion can be twisted and rocky, and for me it includes knowledge of the pain of abuse. I know the hurt, the fear, and the bitterness that can be the fruits of being the object of cruelty and exploitation. Just as Krishna's lotus palm relieved Jambavan of all pains of the battle, so the soothing glance of the Lord can heal us and bring us to joy. Please bless me that I can do some little service, as Prabhupada's instrument, for the children and youth in Lord Caitanya's movement.

Your servant,
Urmila devi dasi

Shiva Ratri Wrap Up
by Caru das
Posted March 15, 2005

Last Saturday evening for our Shiva Ratri celebrations, we at the Utah Krishna temple were stunned by the number of guests. When I was President of Berkeley temple in the 70's we used to attract large crowds to our many cultural events, however, there was not a high percentage of new visitors. One would see the same faces every time. That was nice, of course, but one would hanker to introduce the culture to others as well. Then too some of the perennials had become jaded about Krishna Consciousness and did not want anyone to preach to them. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
The secret life of moody cows

Jonathan Leake, Science Editor
The Sunday Times (UK)
Posted March 14, 2005

ONCE they were a byword for mindless docility. But cows have a secret mental life in which they bear grudges, nurture friendships and become excited over intellectual challenges, scientists have found. Cows are also capable of feeling strong emotions such as pain, fear and even anxiety - they worry about the future. But if farmers provide the right conditions, they can also feel great happiness. (Click here for the full article)

Srila Prabhupada or no hope
by Bhakta Mario Pineda
Posted March 13, 2005

Unless ISKCON rectifies what I consider a deviation in guru tattva, there is no hope for it. Srila Prabhupada was asked about gurus, and he gave clear instructions, but ISKCON has not followed. (Click here for the full article)

Citadels of Love -- a call to action
by Amara das
Posted March 12, 2005

In response to Subhadra- mayi's article, I can certainly commiserate with her grievances about some of the social aspects of ISKCON. Many of our temples are indeed very cold-hearted in their dealings, particularly with women and minorities, and I have experienced this firsthand as a third-gender (gay) devotee. Nevertheless, we should not be so entirely pessimistic and hopeless. I've seen some really great examples of ISKCON temples, too! (Click here for the full article)

Waiting to Inhale
by Dasanudas Vanacari
Posted March 11, 2005

Staying enthusiastic in devotional service is certainly one of the greatest challenges any devotee must face. The inevitable difficulties of performing Bhakti-yoga in a materialistic society dedicated to sense enjoyment are one side of the dilemma; the other being troubles within the movement itself. Either of these causes can lead to losing enthusiasm if not handled properly by the aspiring devotee. In struggling with this problem in my own life, I have developed some insights that could be helpful to other devotees. In both cases, the cure is to reconnect with the reason we became devotees in the first place: love of Godhead. (Click here for the full article)

Author guidelines revised
Posted March 10, 2005

Please note that we have revised our guidelines for Chakra authors. We would appreciate it you could take a moment to read them before submitting your articles, ads and announcements, as this is likely to reduce the request for edits and the delay before posting. Thank you.

The guidelines are posted at: www.chakra.org/contactus/eguidelines.html

Praise and criticism can both create entanglement
Submitted by Syamarani dasi
Posted March 9, 2005

During a recent visit to Hilo, Hawaii, my siksa-guru, Srila B.V. Narayana Maharaja, related the following story... (Click here for the full article)

ISKCON's coming succession crisis
by Sri Nrshingha das
Posted March 8, 2005

Prabhupada's disciples are aging rapidly. Many have already left their bodies.

This is the natural course of events, to be sure. What's of huge concern is the development and training of the next generation of leaders who will guide ISKCON. (Click here for the full article)

Eight ways to fix ISKCON
by Narottama das
Posted March 7, 2005

Gopal Bhatta prabhu asked for critical input for the Spiritual Strategic Planning Team. However, ISKCON leaders have sometimes ignored ungratifying answers, as with Burke Rochford's sociological study of ISKCON which showed that most devotees reject the GBC's authority. Others with bold messages have even been maligned as 'envious snakes' and ousted, as in the case of Pradyumna prabhu. For our society to remain healthy, we must never shut off honest debate. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
UK temple installs ratha lift system

Contributed by Richard Wyndham
Posted March 6, 2005

Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple in Watford, England, recently installed an pneumatic system for quickly raising and lowering the dome of its Rathayatra cart. The original design required devotees to slowly raise and lower a 20-foot column manually using a hand turned crank, whereas the new pneumatic system quickly raises the temple dome to its full height, enabling obstacles to be quickly avoided and events easier to set up. (Click here for the full article)

Elect our GBCs, by the Supersoul process
by Garuda das
Posted March 5, 2005

I would like to thank Gopal Bhatta prabhu for posting an outline of the Dallas meeting on the Chakra site. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
GBC Meetings, Day 3
March 1

Posted March 4, 2005

The meetings began at 9:00 a.m. because there was no breakfast. Devotees were fasting, as it was the anniversary of the appearance of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur. (Click here for the full article)

Mayapur Gaura Purnima Festival live
by Krishna.com
Posted March 3, 2005

Would you like to get the nectar from Sridham Mayapur's 2005 month-long Gaura Purnima festival, but can't afford the plane fare to India?

Krishna.com/radio is now broadcasting time-delayed daily lectures given by dignitaries and senior devotees at the ISKCON Mayapur Gaura Purnima Festival. Krishna.com/tv will shortly begin broadcasting time-delayed video highlights of each day of the Mayapur festival, filmed by Yadubara Prabhu. (Click here for the full article)

ISKCON leaders should encourage free thought
by Gaurav Mittal
Posted March 2, 2005

The basic flaw in eary ISKCON days is that they tried to do too much. They tried to control the lives of people and teach them "How to lead their lives." To facilitate this, they formed ashramas, gurukulas, etc. In these ashramas and gurukulas, people were dependent upon ISKCON management. If management were misguided, uncompassionate or lacked human values, the people under them became unsatisfied and, therefore, problems started. (Click here for the full article)

New book about Madhurya Dhama
by Padmalocana das
Posted March 1, 2005

Today, on Nityananda Triodasi, we offered newly reprinted book, Madhurya Dhama, which is a meditation-guide around Govardhana Hill. (Click here for the full article)

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