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June 2004
Jahnavi dasi in severe medical condition
by Indupati das
Posted June 30, 2004

Jahnavi dasi (of Alachua, USA) was admitted to Shands hospital on Friday. On Saturday night she developed a lung problem and was taken to intensive care. They found one lung severely infected with pneumonia, and the other lung collapse after some procedure. Her abdomen also became full of fluid. After spending 8 hours to stabilize her condition, they did a CAT scan and, not being able to ascertain the cause of the bowel problem, decided to send her for exploratory surgery. During surgery they discover two large masses which they removed, and also found her intestines severely inflamed. After the surgery, they decided not to close up her abdomen, as the release of pressure was helping her lung condition. Currently she is in surgical intensive care, heavily sedated and hooked up to a dozen machines, including a respirator. The next few days will be critical. (Click here for the full article)

Vrndavana Samadhi 2004
by Parvati d.d.
Posted June 25, 2004

Once again, I wish to extend my thanks to so many of you who were inspired to come forward this year to help build the Samadhi Maintenance Fund Fixed Deposit as well as the working account. It is certainly Krishna's blessing to have so much international participation in this wonderful service in Vrndavana Dhama. (Click here for the full article)

New worldwide events calendar for devotees
by Gokula Kirtan das
Posted June 24, 2004

I have created a new website for the use of the Vaisnava community around the world. It is a bulletin board to advertise your devotional program, kirtan or festival, speaking engagement or feast, anything you want. It is set up so that every part of the world has its own section, so it's easy to find out if something is going on where you are or where you are going to be. It's called Kirtan and it can be seen at kirtans.proboards32.com.

Editor's note: This may have some potential. A Chakra volunteer tried it out and posted three upcoming events for the Vancouver, BC temple. Although it has not received much utilization as yet, the events calendar system seems to work fine. There is an option to "preview" each posting before actually submitting it.

Property for sale near New Talavan
Posted June 23, 2004

Two small houses (one is a two-storey log house), situated on 25 acres, with a picturesque view overlooking a three-acre pond. The property includes two barns and a shed, and is located adjacent to the New Talavan farm community of devotees in Mississippi. Asking price $169,000 US. Please contact Roy or Juanita Barrios at barrios@datasync.com or by telephone at (601) 798-8553. Hare Krishna.

ISKCON Chapter 11 Update - June 2004
by Gupta das
(Joseph Fedorowsky)
Posted June 22, 2004

Now that the Reorganization Plan has been filed with the court, the focus is to move the Plan toward confirmation. During this period, adjustments may be made to meet legitimate concerns over many aspects of the Plan, including classification and treatment of claims. The overall goal is to fairly and equitably compensate all legitimate claimants in a balanced and timely manner. (Click here for the full article)

No Misappropriation, No Moral Turpitude, No Restitution
by Gupta das
Posted June 20, 2004

A 1999 State Bar complaint filed against me by Hans Kary (Hansadutta), Chan Hoe Beng (Bhima) and Diane Marie Chan (Das dasi) recently came to a close. These three former clients dramatically alleged that I did the following terrible things to them (and more), and petitioned the State Bar for my disbarment. (Click here for the full article)

Himavati leaves her body
by Isani dasi
Posted June 16, 2004

It is with deep sadness and a great sense of loss that we wish to inform devotees who may not have heard, but knew and loved her as we did, of the passing away of Himavati prabhu. Himavati was initiated by Satsvarupa dasa Goswami in 1982. She left her body on Thursday May 27th, only 43 years old. She had a long battle with Hep C, but deteriorated significantly in the last year, while most of her last few months were spent in hospital. (Click here for the full article)

Krishna Tattoos Follow-up
by Maharatha das
Posted June 15, 2004

I am following up on the the article I posted on Krishna tattoos. There has been a great response and I have put together a gallery. (Click here for the full article)

by Sundeep
Posted June 14, 2004

Dear Devotees:


Who: All youth (15 to 25) curious about spirituality!

When: June 26, 2004 to July 2, 2004

Where: New Vrindaban, Moundsville, WV

With Interactive Seminars and Workshops on:

Origin of Life, Turning Lust into Love, Bhagavad Gita, Time Management, School and Work Stress and Krishna Consciousness (Click here for the full article)

Padma Academy's Library
by Urmila d.d.
Posted June 12, 2004

Visitors gasp with delight when visiting our library. Four thousand books is quite a lot for a small school! When recently a kind donor gave us a large box of books by ISKCON authors, we realized that the children of our school now almost have all existing books from Prabhupada and his followers. With that dream within our grasp, a student's mother made a list of all the books we are still "missing." The total price, as listed in the Krishna Culture catalog, is about $600. This does not include works published by the BBT, Archives, or Torchlight, all of whom kindly donate to our library. The teachers, students, and their families, are grateful to them daily. (Click here for the full article)

To Be A Guru, Pt. II
by Zack V. Sunderman
Posted June 11, 2004

My article accomplished something I sincerely hoped it would: Discussion. I am without a doubt happy to see all the points and counter-points that have been posted since. Without discussion, no one can get anywhere, and I offer my respects to everyone who has voiced their opinion in this matter. (Click here for the full article)

New Detailed Vrindavan, Mayapur and Spiritual India Web Site
by Jada Bharata das
Posted June 10, 2004

I just put up a detailed Web site on Vrindavan, Mayapur, India and Nepal Temples and Holy Places called NaturalNirvana.com (http://www.naturalnirvana.com). This site is by far the most detailed site on Holy Places and temples in India. (Click here for the full article)

ISKCON Chapter 11 - Change of Address
by Gupta das
Posted June 9, 2004

A current mailing address needs to be on file for all claimants in the Chapter 11 case. It is critical that claimants notify the court and the lawyers of any change of address from that listed on their original claim form. (Click here for the full article)

Vedic authoritarians lose sight of big picture
by Shiva das
Posted June 8, 2004

I have seen for some time the charges of insubordination aimed at Chakra for allowing people who express views like those of Ananda das to be publicized. I see no fault in allowing an open forum for respectful sharing of opinions, even if the opinions may seem to be insubordinate towards Srila Prabhupada by those who wish to be the culturally correct police for all things Srila Prabhupada and Vedic philosophy. (Click here for the full article)

Memoirs of a Modern-Day Ksatriya: Part One
by Jaya Govinda das
Posted June 6, 2004

Camp Udairi, Kuwait

I could see the fires in the distance. The oil refineries just across the border light the path that we will travel through enemy territory tomorrow. It is January and we have just arrived. (Click here for the full article)

First volume of TKG Memories published
by Rasikendra das
Posted June 5, 2004

The TKG Memorial Foundation is happy to announce TKG Memories, Volume I, a beautiful 160-page book of compilations of nectarean anecdotes about His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami. It will be released soon on Goswami's upcoming appearance day, June 6, 2004. Godbrothers, disciples and followers tell story after story of inspiration, humor and empowered devotional service of Goswami Maharaja, an important pioneer in ISKCON and one of Srila Prabhupada's stalwart servants. (Click here for the full article)

Festival of India - Denmark 2004
by Rupa Manjari das
Posted June 4, 2004

We are organizing a "Festival of India" in Copenhagen, Denmark, the 21st of August this year. We need to find a devotional musical group or band with similar style as Village of Peace or Undrop. (Click here for the full article)

No Comparison
by Niscala d.d.
Posted June 3, 2004

The recent article of Madhava Gosh, upon examination, is basically contradictory. While he rightly states that Varnasrama Dharma means that the strong should protect the weak, further on he claims that whether the war in Iraq is actually doing this is irrelevant- a soldier must do his duty. In other words, a soldier must do his duty, even if it is against the codes of varnasrama. Thus, it appears that Mr. Gosh is recommending action that is against Krishna's blueprint for humanity- that which is sinful. How is it "protection of the weak" when these soldiers are every day causing the deaths of weak and innocent human beings- mothers, children and the elderly? Srila Prabhupada said that even if there is duty a devotee must be intelligent; blind following is always condemned and leads to certain falldown into the ditch of samsara. (Click here for the full article)

The spiritual master is never ordinary
by Deepak Vohra
Posted June 2, 2004

Ananda das ("Only the unattainable guru makes no mistakes," posted May 29) claims he is a "longtime disciple of His Divine Grace" Srila Prabhupda.

Yet he dares to "take issue with those who claim Srila Prabhupada to have been perfect, free of error, or unable to fall into darkness." He reiterates this shocking statement by stating that Srila Prabhupada "perpetuated false myths", and emphasising that Srila Prabhupada is just like any ordinary human being. (Click here for the full article)

Honesty is the best policy
by Subhadra-mayi dasi
Posted June 1, 2004

I felt a bit uncomfortable after reading Zack Sunderman's post "To be a Guru". I don't wish him to take it personally, but I always feel uneasy after reading letters about so-called falldowns. I couldn't exactly pin it down at first, but then it jumped right at me. The sentence "He is not supposed to be someone about whom we can say, 'Well, he's human'." He's guru, right? Superhuman! I found that interesting: Guru doesn't equal human. (Click here for the full article)

Child Protection Office Selects New Director...
by ISKCON Communications International
Posted June 30, 2004

Washington, D.C.-The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), announced June 19th that Tamohara dasa, or Dr. Thomas L. Pourchot, 53, has been appointed Director of the ISKCON Child Protection Office, or the Association for the Protection of Vaishnava Children. The appointment was effective June 1st. (Click here for the full article)

Devotee looking for apartment/room in San Antonio TX
by Caitanya Nrsimha das
Posted June 29, 2004

ISKCON devotee initiated in 1986 is looking for an apartment in San Antonio, Texas, preferably near the downtown area. If apartment not available, a room will do until a permanent place is found. (Click here for the full article)

Memoirs of a Modern-Day Ksatriya - Part Three
by Jaya Govinda dasa
Posted June 25, 2004

Camp Anaconda, Iraq - Our new home

Mechanics tend to be an overworked and under-appreciated force in the military, and as such, prefer to stick together on their own. Wanting to separate ourselves from the rest of our unit, we moved from the tents we had been in for the past couple of weeks to the motor pool in which we worked. (Click here for the full article)

Community Service Project
by Caru das
Posted June 24, 2004

This morning (Thursday June 10th) about 100 youth and adults (including President Olsen, and his first counselor) from the Orem Cherry Hill Stake (Latter Day Saints) came to do service at the temple. Our special friend Ron Clark, who is in Europe at present, had given the inspiration, which was evident in their eagerness and positive attitude. (Click here for the full article)

Toronto to stage 32nd annual Rathayatra
by Adi-Kurma das
Posted June 23, 2004

The Festival of Chariots (Rathayatra) will be taking place for the 32nd year in Toronto. The Rathayatra committee cordially invites all devotees all around the world to come and take part in this wonderful festival. (Click here for the full article)

Vaisnavi retreat
by Malati dasi
Posted June 22, 2004

Ladies, Mark Your Calendar!

2nd Annual
Vaishnavi Retreat

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
October 8th, 9th and 10th, 2004
New Vrindaban, West Virginia

(Click here for the full article)

Kirtanananda Swami's Release from Prison
by Anuttama das
Posted June 20, 2004

Kirtanananda dasa Swami, aka Swami Bhaktipada, aka Keith Ham, will be released from the United States Federal Prison system Wednesday, June 16, 2004, having served approximately eight years in prison. Although unlikely, he may wish to visit your temple, or you may be contacted about the possibilities of such a visit. We are sending you this letter as an update of his continued status in relation to ISKCON. (Click here for the full article)

Swiss devotees to hold spectacular Rathayatra
by Pranavallabha das
Posted June 16, 2004

[Shaivite brahman gets into the ecumenical spirit of serving Sri Jagannatha.]

We would like to announce the Ratha Yatra Festival in Zürich, Switzerland. For the Fifth Annual Festival by the Lakeside of Zürich, we would like to invite all the devotees. (Click here for the full article)

Whoa there, Nelly!
by Prema Bhakti das
Posted June 15, 2004

Recent articles, which either denounce outright His Holiness Satsvarupa Goswami, or veil contempt, criticism, judgment and moral superiority claims behind a modicum of etiquette, all share another common target: ISKCON. (Click here for the full article)

Special 108 Vyasa-puja Festival for Srila Prabhupada
by Madhavananda das
Posted June 14, 2004

We would like to warmly invite devotees to come to a very special Srila Prabhupada Vyasa-puja festival in the village of Gadeigiri Orissa. Gadeigiri village is famous for its ancient deity of Gopaljiu and also for Gopal's devotee, Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja. Gour Govinda Maharaja grew up in Gadeigiri and there is now a wonderful ISKCON temple there dedicated to Gopaljiu. (Click here for the full article)

Nature Study at Padma Academy
by Urmila d.d.
Posted June 12, 2004

How do butterflies find their way when they migrate? Why do plants turn toward the sun? How satisfying it is to assist these children to explore Krishna's greatness through nature! And now you have the opportunity to be a part of this thrill of discovery. Two kind donors have already given us almost $1000 of the $5000 needed to purchase the equipment, kits, and videos to complete our nature study program for grades 1-8 (ages 5-13, our school goes up to age 18). With some help from each of you reading this, we will soon have a first-class facility to educate these devotees! (Click here for the full article)

MIHE 2004-2005 Semester
by Janmastami das
Posted June 11, 2004

Plan the Best Year of Your Life

Please consider the impact the following would have on the quality of your spiritual life... (Click here for the full article)

Festival of India Tour North America
Posted June 10, 2004

Soon we will leave on the tenth annual Harinama Sankirtana Festival of India Ratha-yatra Tour, North America. For two months we will visit most Ratha-yatra festivals and many temples in between. We will help set up, perform at, and take down each festival. (Click here for the full article)

The Midlife Crisis of ISKCON
by Sacitananda dasi
Posted June 9, 2004

So that ISKCON's failed venture into sannyasa will not go into the storage shack without one last shake at it, lets give one more try at understanding the Satasvarupa Maharaja affair: What did really happen? No, we don't need more details on his encounters with a female counselor, persistency of headaches, treatments attempted throughout the years, etc., we did get a fair addressing of these. And everyone seems satisfied with conclusions spoken here and there about the deeper, underlying causes of the society's recurrent sannyasa falldowns. What has amusingly come into the foreground in the aftermath of the Satswarupa Maharaja affair is that devotees seem to be reacting condescending and sympathetic not to the fact that a fall was acknowledge, but to the claim that his guruship still stands. This reaction speaks almost hysterically of self- defense and self-assertion. Are we seeing that, unprepared, ISKCON is entering its inevitable midlife crisis? (Click here for the full article)

To Be or not to Be...the Real One.
That's the question.

by Harsi das
Posted June 8, 2004

Who knows if William Shakespeare, would he had lived among us today and would he had followed the various curent writings on Chakra.org, refering to the guru, would not have put in the mouth of Hamlet, the wellknown saying of his, in this way. (Click here for the full article)

Respecting Srila Prabhupada
by Padmapani das
Posted June 7, 2004

As disciples and followers of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder-Acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, we all have an eternal debt to Srila Prabhupada for his unparalleled sacrifice in freely distributing the mercy of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu all over the word. (Click here for the full article)

Don't neglect Prabhupada's instructions
by Visakha dasi
Posted June 6, 2004

I just wanted to send in my response to the articles that I am reading regarding His Holiness Satsvarupa Maharaja. I have great respect for him; I always did, and I always will. (Click here for the full article)

New Jewelry Sale
by Krishna.com
Posted June 5, 2004

Take Advantage of Great Jewelry at Great Prices from Krishna.com!

Click Here To See Sale

Distinction between jiva-tattva and visnu-tattva clarified
by Ananda das
Posted June 4, 2004

Mr. Vohra has cited Srila Prabhupada's Srimad-Bhagavatam and Caitanya-caritamrta purports. Some few people practice the chala-dharma of sabda-bhit (irreligion based on word jugglery) -- the habit, for example, of attributing extraordinary importance to Prabhupada's historical correspondence with specific individuals and alleging that one particular letter sent at a particular time, place and circumstance somehow cancels or countermands the specific directions of his life's work -- the translation and commentary upon the sastras, such as Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita and Caitanya-Caritamrta. Such cheaters never prosper and, refreshingly, Mr. Vohra's letter steers well clear of such morbid follies and obsessions. (Click here for the full article)

Progress on Visnupriya Asrama Project
by Jaya Lalita dasi
Posted June 3, 2004

In 1965, Srila Prabhupada left Vrndavan to come to America, where he brought the key and opened the door to Gaudiya Vaisnavism for the entire world.

That door opened by Srila Prabhupada has resulted in so many Gaudiya Vaisnavas who are currently preaching throughout the world and so many new devotees being made. Indeed this is a very wonderful thing. At the same time the following must be considered: So many of the first devotees to come to Krsna consciousness are getting older and due to various circumstances, for many of these older-bodied devotees, especially ladies, there are no Gaudiya Vaisnava ashrams or communities which will accommodate them. (Click here for the full article)

Guruship and mistakes
by Dvibhuja das
Posted June 2, 2004

In Ananda prabhu's article there were some really deep points to be considered; however there were some problems also.

For instance, his understanding that Srila Prabhupada was able to make mistakes may be hard to understand from a material perspective; in some ways he is right, but in others he may be sort of off. (Click here for the full article)

Rightly situated Vaisnavas learn from mistakes
by Dvibhuja das
Posted June 1, 2004

I read the article by Zack Sunderman concerning the qualifications of being a Guru and I found it thought-provoking; however, there were some intrinsic misconceptions. The conclusion that a Guru can never make a mistake lest he be excluded from performing his duty is not supported by sastra. Krishna Himself declares that one who is rightly situated is considered saintly. Also, the Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu concludes that there is no need for prayascitta for the Vaisnava, just that he return to his post. Any attempt to introduce some new guidelines would be speculative, in that sastra disavows this conclusion. (Click here for the full article)

Summer festivals in Mayapura
by Padmalochan das and Vrindavan Lila dasi
Posted June 30, 2004

[Ingenious mechanism to water Tulasi devi]

For an entire month (April 13 to May 13), the devotees of Mayapura, India, celebrated Tulasi Jaladana, a festival in which Srimati Tulasi devi enjoys a continuing shower of Ganges water through the heat of the day. A brass pot is mounted over Tulasi devi; the bottom of the pot has a hole to allow a wick to pass through, which drips water continuously on Tulasi's soil. (Click here for the full article)

Gopala-tapani Upanisad Is Now Available!
by Audarya Press
Posted June 29, 2004

The first definitive English edition of Gopala-tapani Upanisad, the most important Upanisad for those following the path of Krsna bhakti, is now available from Audarya Press. This edition includes the original Devanagari Sanskrit script, English transliteration, word-for-word meaning, English translation, and an extensive commentary that is both traditional and contemporary. (Click here for the full article)

ISKCON cannot refuse former felons
by Prabhupad das Adhikari
Former ISKCON member, 1971-1983
Posted June 25, 2004

Regarding the statement of Anuttama das Adhikari ("Kirtanananda Swami's Release from Prison"), if Kirtanananda das has done his time in jail and is free under US law I don't think ISKCON can ban him from attending programs where the general public is invited. If the US penal code has released him, he has paid for his crime and is now a free citizen. (Click here for the full article)

No Comparison Explained

by Niscala d.d.
Posted June 24, 2004

My article "No Comparison" was not about criticizing the wonderful efforts that our devotee soldiers are making to develop- and to spread- Krishna consciousness in the war zone. They all have my full sympathy and admiration. I hope that if I am ever forced into a similar situation, I will be able to rise to the occasion and use it to my advantage and to advantage of others, like they are doing. (Click here for the full article)

Rath Yatra at Ludhiana
by ISKCON Ludhiana
Posted June 23, 2004

hare krsna

Dear prabhus,

The rath yatra of sri sri Jagannath wil be held on 2nd Oct.04 in Ludhiana.

yours servant

General Manager,
Iskcon, Ludhiana
Phone No. +(91)(161)770600

A falldown rectified
by Dvibhuja das
Posted June 22, 2004

Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated in his determination. (Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 9.30)

(Click here for the full article)

Real renunciation and the failure of vows
by Sacitananda dasi
Posted June 20, 2004

In his article, "Whoa There, Nelly!", Prema Bhakti prabhu, commenting on an article of mine ("The Midlife Crisis of ISKCON"), states, "She begins by denouncing, as a failed ISKCON experiment, the act of men's taking sannyasa. But shortly thereafter she acknowledges how the renunciation by young ISKCON devotees contributed greatly to the spectacular preaching success of ISKCON." (Click here for the full article)

Chariot fest
by Caru das
Posted June 16, 2004

What: Chariot Fest
Where: Krishna Temple, 8628 S Main St., Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
When: Saturday, June 26th at 5 pm
Contacts: Caru and Vai 798-3559/787-1510

The Chariot Festival will be held Saturday June 26th at the Krishna Temple one mile south of Spanish Fork on Main St. This festival is modeled after the oldest ongoing festival known to man. (Click here for the full article)

Denial - Or Acceptance?
by Bhaktin Alex
Posted June 15, 2004

Dear Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis,

I read Rowland Cheatham's piece on denial with considerable interest. Yes, it is true that we as devotees (even the most exalted among us) fall far short in many ways of the standards Srila Prabhupada gave, both in his teachings and through his personal example. (Click here for the full article)

Land for Sale in Alachua
by Kosarupa Ely
Posted June 14, 2004

Beautiful Land for Sale in Alachua, Florida - North America's largest devotee community.

  • 10 acre parcel in a devotee neighborhood.
  • only 3 miles to Sri Sri Radha Shyam's Temple
  • priced to sell fast

(Click here for the full article)

Memoirs of a Modern-Day Ksatriya, Part Two
by Jaya Govinda das
Posted June 12, 2004

Caught in concertina

We passed another convoy that had stopped on the side of the road to fix a vehicle. I hoped that we wouldn't end up in a similar situation, as I would have to be the one to get out and fix it.

Something you don't want to do in a convoy is stop. Traveling in the back of the convoy, as mechanics generally do, is already dangerous enough, but getting out of your vehicle in a danger zone is double the trouble. (Click here for the full article)

Prison Preaching from Vrindavan
by Sarvabhauma das
Posted June 11, 2004

Since last 5 months since our last report, we have been having weekly programs in Mathura and Agra Prisons, and monthly in Tihar Jail. Now the Tihar Jail program will also be done weekly. One very sincere Brijbasi devotee named Janakinatha Das has joined this program and is very enthusiatically pushing it on. (Click here for the full article)

Honest discussions
by Caitanya-candrodaya das
Posted June 10, 2004

It is nice to hear so much support and appreciation for Satsvarupa Maharaja honesty, openness and transparency from a whole section of devotees. (Click here for the full article)

by Rowland Cheatham
Posted June 9, 2004

I simply do not understand the denial inherent in ISKCON concerning gurus. Satsvarupa Goswami's apology seemed more a rationalization. He cites his medical condition as an excuse. Srila Prabhupada had many medical problems, but he never found it necessary to have a female disciple give him massages. There were always plenty of male disciples willing to do the service of massaging him. I suspect Satsvarupa Goswami could have found many male devotees willing to be his therapist. He also states that he thought he would make it until the time of death with an umblemished record. Common sense dictates that these types of problems and falldowns do no begin at the age of 64. Only two of the eleven whom Prabhupada supposedly appointed as his successors are left standing, so to speak. I have witnessed the lies, propaganda and deception for the better part of 30 years. I ignore the truth at my own peril. Somehow or other I have never lost faith in the Holy Name of Krishna. But I cannot hide my head in the sand and fool myself that the institution and its leaders represent themselves honestly and openly. I wish I were wrong, but history proves me correct. Years ago, I read some of the propaganda of the rtviks and concluded they did not have a philosophical leg to stand on. But I wonder how Srila Prabhupada could have possibly appointed these men as successors.

Rowland Cheatham
Atlanta, Ga.

No Comparison
by Partha Sarathi das
Posted June 8, 2004

There has been many articles by devotees saying Iraq is an unjust war etc. I asked devotees to please tell me what is the duty of a soldier in battle? Prabhupada said the duty of a soldier is to FIGHT. Aslong as it doesn't break or rules. Krishna repeatlly points out to Arjuna that if one does his natural duty though imperfectly with the right cousiousnous than there is no type of reaction. I am not saying that I am in perfect KC. But I try. In August last year one of my soldiers died in a motor attack on a police station. I have lived with this for the last year, but the beuty of the death was that before he left his body he took prasadam. He heard the Holy Name; he heard the wonders of Krishna's pastimes. If this person by Krishna's mercy takes a good birth in their next life than I am prepared to go to war a thousand more times. That is the piont of being a devotee to always preach His glories. Prabhupada said the most important verse in Srimad Bhagavatam was wherever you go preach Krishna counsiousnous. (Click here for the full article)

Nitai Gauranga Deities for every home
by Sarvabhavana das
Posted June 7, 2004

Would you like to fulfill Srila Prabhupada's desire to see Gaura Nitai Deities worshipped in every home on the planet? (Click here for the full article)

Akron temple sponsorship available
by Maurice Valerio
Posted June 6, 2004

In Akron, Ohio, there is a nice 1000 square foot store front building with a bathroom and kitchen in back. It might need a stove, but would make a wonderful preaching centre. I will rent the building if a couple of devotees would move in to operate the center. If interested, please call me at 330-634-0291 or email me at Lebean@aol.com

NY Ratha-Yatra News Bulletin #2
by ISKCON New York
Posted June 5, 2004

We are only 10 days away from Lord Jagannath's Ratha Yatra Festival, and everyone is getting ecstatic!

There are many renovation projects which are going on in the temple, with new floors being installed and paint jobs all throughout. Devotees are putting in many extra hours getting the whole facility up to par to handle the crowds of devotees all of Ratha Yatra weekend. (Click here for the full article)

HDG reserved for ACBSP
by Lilamanjari dasi
Posted June 4, 2004

Hare Krsna,

I noticed that Prema-bhakti das referred to Satsvarupa Maharaj as "His Divine Grace Satsvarupa Goswami" in his article about the nice service Satsvarupa has done. However, His Divine Grace is reserved for Srila Prabhupada.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Lilamanjari dasi (ACBSP)

[Editor's note: In general we try to maintain the ISKCON standard for honorifics for its sannyasis, but this one slipped by us. We thank Lilamanjari Prabhu for her attentiveness.]

Modern people may hesitate to accept a guru
by Suneel Kunamaneni
Posted June 3, 2004

I absolutely agree with Zack Sunderman ("To be a Guru"). However, I felt I should express my opinions as well.

Firstly, it is very important to realize how fast the world has changed within the last 20 years or so. An ordinary man would feel that there is far more variety and pleasure in material objects than many seemingly monotonous spiritual organisations can provide. (Click here for the full article)

Maui Varnashrama project
by Shiva das
Posted June 2, 2004

I have a new website for the purpose of trying to get Vaisnavas with an interest in establishing a Varnashrama community to come together and network. It's basic message is the idea of trying to create a Varnashrama community in the wealthiest and arguably the most beautiful place on Earth, Maui, Hawaii. (Click here for the full article)

New Discussion Group on Prison Counselling
by R. Jai Simman
Posted June 1, 2004

We have recently created the following discussion group on Yahoo.

ISKCON Prison Ministry
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