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April 2005
Prabhupada's instructions on godbrothers "misunderstood"
by Bhagavat das
Posted April 30, 2005

Rocana prabhu considers Aniha prabhu's response inadequate as accounts offered after Srila Prabhupada's departure are "suspect." I will answer using Srila Prabhupada's and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta's verifiable actions and words -- books, lectures, articles, letters, and conversations. (Click here for the full article)

Why Make Prabhupada Cry?
by Syamasundar das
Posted April 29, 2005

In 1976 Srila Prabhupada visited washington DC temple located in Potomac Maryland. Srila Prabhupada was very impressed with the wealth of the locals including many Senators and such. Later in the day, some time during the afternoon, the devotees took Prabhupada on a car ride. During this car ride Srila Prabhupada saw some local residents on the green of the nearby country club. They were hitting golf balls into the holes. (Click here for the full article)

Near Death Experiences
by Brsabha das
Posted April 25, 2005

Hare Krsna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Sri Krsna & all His Devotees! My name is Brsabha Dasa & I was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1972 at Bhaktivedanta Manor when aged 22 years.

I am interested in NDEs or Near Death Experiences and i would like to hear from anyone else who might have experienced anything similar to my own? (Click here for the full article)

Gaura Purnima 2005
by ISKCON New York
Posted April 23, 2005

Here are some photos of the recent Gaura Purnima Festival @ Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir. The deities were offered a new dress in the evening. Also, Sri Sri Doyal-Nitai Vijay-Gauranga were worshipped on the same altar with Sri Sri Radha Govinda. (Click here for the full article)

14th Annual Prabhupada Festival
by Balai dasi
Posted April 21, 2005

14th Annual Prabhupada Festival:
Memorial Day Weekend, May 28th & 29th

Fourteen years ago, Lokanatha Maharaja came to Los Angeles for a meeting about the Srila Prabhupada Centennial Celebration. He looked into the audience of devotees and asked, "What are you going to do for your spiritual master on this occasion?" In the meeting there were many Srila Prabhupada disciples. We thought, what about having a festival to honor Srila Prabhupada and create an occasion to reunite all of his followers? Little did we know, at that time many other devotees were having the same feeling. Shortly afterwards, we formed a committee and started what is now known as the Prabhupada Festival. In 1991 on Memorial Day weekend, we had our first festival, sweet and small. We thought it appropriate to have the celebration on that weekend, so people would remember to come, since it was a memorial for Srila Prabhupada. Fourteen years later, it would manifest into a huge festival, and be brought to a new level by the second generation youth, whose enthusiasm and dedication keep the festival going strong. We salute the young devotees who work so hard and we encourage their active participation and leadership in our movement and pray that we all can work together to please Srila Prabhupada. The success of this festival is due to the Los Angeles community, and their efforts to come together to honor our beloved spiritual master. So come celebrate and glorify His Divine Grace on Memorial Day weekend, and with your help we can put on the best festival ever for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada.

Your servants,

Prabhupada Festival Committee
3764 Watseka Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90034

Internet: www.prabhupadafestival.com
E-mail: info@prabhupadafestival.com

Seminar of Puja
by Veda Academy
Posted April 20, 2005

On the weekend of the 22. april up to 24. april 2005 we will introduce the system of puja in a practical way based on Pancaratra and Pancaopasana. It will give you a right understanding and in all means a right conduct of performance. These rituals will be specified on Vastu rituals, astrology or in Home worship as much as the students are interested. (Click here for the full article)

Ladies Can Become Guru
by Ananga Manjari dasi
Posted April 19, 2005

The nomination to the GBC for a woman diksa-guru some months ago has raised some serious concerns, and there was an article on VNN at that time, proposing that such a thing is not correct. This present article is a response to that idea. (Click here for the full article)

Part Time Bookkeeper Needed on Long Island, NY
by Lilananda das
Posted April 18, 2005

I am looking for a part time bookkeeper to work in my house on Long Island, NY. I am also looking for a housekeeper. Please contact me by e-mail at Lilananda.acbsp@pamho.net

To Dispel All Doubts
by Manjari dasi
Posted April 17, 2005

It seems proper, to lay to rest an unfortunate misunderstanding regarding Mulaprakriti's relationship with Srila Narayana Maharaja. Therefore I am releasing the following letters, written last summer and fall, that clarify the situation. The first is from Mula's husband, Gopavrindapal prabhu, to myself; and the second is a retraction from the person who began the rumor. (Click here for the full article)

"Sanctity of life" can harm life
by Subhadra-mayi dasi
Posted April 13, 2005

Though there are a few aspects about Pope John Paul II that I appreciate -- for example, his reaching out to other faiths -- I squirmed a little at the press release from ISKCON Communications. It made no mention of this important aspect of his work but, instead, how the vaishnava community is thankful for the Pope's "firm yet compassionate defense of the dignity and sanctity of human life." (Click here for the full article)

Rama Navami
by Caru das
Posted April 11, 2005

Ram Navami
The Appearance Day of Lord Ramachandra
Sunday April 17th, 5 PM

Krishna Temple
8628 S. State St., Spanish Fork, Utah
Contact: Caru or Vai 798-3559/787-1510

(Click here for the full article)

Fourth Annual Festival of Inspiration
by Malati dasi
Posted April 9, 2005

Please click here to download the flier in PDF format (41k).

Letter from Bhakti-Tirtha Swami
submitted by Citi-sakti d.d.
Posted April 8, 2005

I want to apologise, as I won't be able to travel to visit any of you in your various temples and projects. The cancer is spreading everyday. The tumours in my body are also getting larger everyday. My main personal caretaker at this time in addressing issues with my body is Dhruva Maharaja Dasa from S. Africa, he literally sleeps in the room with me every night. I am waking up about every hour and a half. I am not able to get up on my own to go to the bathroom so I have to be wheelchaired into the bathroom. He and Ekavira also have to bathe me each day. (Click here for the full article)

"Sharing Krishna with Muslims": Beware of this - It is not what it seems
by Satyanarayana das
Posted April 7, 2005

For your own protection, I request that you please beware of the so-called "Sharing Krishna with Muslims" group, which includes Airavata dasa, Nararatna dasa and Amala dasa. We strongly advise that you do not under any circumstances give your donations to this group. (Click here for the full article)

Clarification re: Spanish Fork
by Karuna d.d.
Posted April 6, 2005

I would like to enlighten devotees who may be worried about the "Hindufication" of ISKCON particularly the Spanish Fork Temple. Our family resided near the Spanish Fork temple for 8 years. I admit when we were there, I too had concern when Gaura Purnima neared and was being advertised mainly as Holi festival. During the festival, seeing 100's of all kinds of people chanting and dancing so enthusiastically I realized THIS is pleasing to the Lord. Temple president HG Caru prabhu and his wife Mother Vaibhavi are introducing many thousands of people to Krsna Consciousness. For the Gaura Purnima/Holi festival they make many 100's of flyers and post them all over w/in 60+ miles radius of temple including college campuses inviting all. (Click here for the full article)

Fossil Fuel Depletion Forum
by Prabhupada das Karapurnam
Posted April 5, 2005

This forum exists for the Vaishnav people to discuss the coming fossil fuel depletion and derive practical plans how to deal with the ensuing effects. According to current research, it is estimated that Global Peak Oil will occur in 10 to 15 years. When this takes place the cost of fossil fuels will begin to increase and gradually, as supplies decline, the world will be forced back to pre-industrial times. This means that many localities that depend on fossil fuel and imports of goods and services will be left to fend for themselves by utilizing local resources. (Click here for the full article)

ISKCON Condolences on the Passing of the Pope
Media Release by ISKCON Communications
Posted April 4, 2005

We are saddened by the passing of His Holiness Pope John Paul II and offer our condolences to our Catholic friends worldwide along with our heartfelt wishes that they find joy and strength in remembrance of his selfless service to God. (Click here for the full article)

Prasadam debate
by Sandipani Muni das
Posted April 3, 2005

I was living in the temple for almost eight years. I must admit that over last two years i had serious stomack problems. I had problems especially after honoring the kicari. I felt severe pain. I could not chant, read and perform puja... (Click here for the full article)

Ratha yatra Minneapolis
by Dvarakadhisa das
Posted April 2, 2005

Hare Krishna!

Devotees in Minneapolis, Minnesota are preparing for their third annual Ratha yatra (May 1). Everyone is invited... (Click here for the full article)

Ideal family and third gender
by Vilasa Manjari dasi
Posted April 1, 2005

I've been reading Chakra articles with an open mind and quite some interest. When I opened the "third gender" section, I, a little country girl who hardly ever reads newspapers, didn't even know what this term meant. I found Hrdayananda Goswami's article very interesting and I also read a few other interesting articles. (Click here for the full article)

New Krsna Posters
by Sacidevi dasi
Posted April 30, 2005

We have eight new beautiful posters of Krishna sketches on sale!

Donated by a professional artiste from Mumbai, these posters are copies of her original work only for raising funds for the Moscow Temple Fundraising Project. Please support the building of this beautiful temple for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Madhava and Srila Prabhupada by visiting our site at www.urjamusic.com/pictures.htm

(Click here for the full article)

On the gratitude of a "groundhog"
by Bhakti Tirtha Swami
Posted April 29, 2005

(April 19, 2005) I am like the groundhog that lives in the ground and every now and then pokes his head out of the ground. Stubborn about death, every now and then, I stick my head out and try to share something. I've had so many realisations in these last few months and there is no fun in trying to keep them to myself. For instance, every time godbrothers and godsisters came to visit me, I would pray to Srila Prabhupada to allow me to say something to help inspire those devotees in the continuation of their services. Where Srila Prabhupada revealed an issue to me that the devotee needed to work on, I would try to offer what I hope is humble advice. I learnt so much from all the devotees that came and they're still writing to me. I hope I shared something that helped them in various ways. Now that I am getting closer to death, I am beginning to look closer at my whole life. I see a pattern: as I was always praying to be forced by Srila Prabhupada to do what was necessary in his service, I can see that I was forced by so much mercy. (Click here for the full article)

Hanuman CD released
by Krsna Kumar das
Posted April 25, 2005

Vrinda Services has released its new animated CD-Rom titled "Hanuman - the Invincible" on Rama Navami. It has 25 minutes of high quality animation along with interactive educational games on Hanumanji. Children in the age group of 5 to 12 will enjoy watching the CD on PC or VCD/DVD players. (Click here for the full article)

SP disciples together
by Vrndavana-lila d.d.
Posted April 23, 2005

At the Srila Prabhupada family reunion this year in Mayapur, we was fortunate enough to take a group photo of assembled Srila Prabhupada disciples. The photo was taken on the Srila Prabhupada Samadhi steps on a very bright sunny day. (Click here for the full article)

Reply to Hridayananda Maharaja - Homosexuality in ISKCON
by Bhakta Pat
Posted April 21, 2005

The contention of HH Hridayananda Goswami Maharaja is that homosexual devotees be allowed to stay together with a partner of their choice as a heterosexual couple would stay together in the grhasta asrama. His statement in a letter to Chakra and Dipika is this: "I am not convinced that marriage is the best means in all cases, but some serious, formal and public recognition and appreciation of gay monogamy is, in my view, in the best interest of ISKCON and its members" Although Maharaja says that he is not convinced that marriage is the best means in all cases, the suggestion here is that homosexual marriages should be accepted in some cases and recognition of monogamy relationships should be given in all other cases. Allowing homosexual marriages in some cases is a misnomer because all homosexual devotees will want this privilege so this actually means allowing homosexual marriages within ISKCON in all cases as part of the grhasta asrama. In one letter, Maharajah points out that his statements could lend themselves to interpretation and he says that we should read carefully. Actually, his statements do not need interpretation. They are clear in their meaning and the devotees that read them will understand them accordingly. (Click here for the full article)

Can We Offer Krsna GMO Rice?
by Hare Krsna dasi
Posted April 20, 2005

I read an Associated Press article today (Apr 13) which says that Anheuser-Busch, the largest US beer company, has told the state of Missouri it will not purchase any rice from that state if Missouri allows genetically modified (GMO) drug-making rice crops to be grown there -- due to the proven danger of wind carrying contaminated pollen over long distances. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Krishna couture

Posted April 19, 2005

He's set to debut at the Lakmé India Fashion Week later this month and the collection young designer Shantanu Goenka has put together for the occasion promises to be quite a stunner. For one, the unique stylisation of the line draws inspiration from Lord Krishna, which dictates the title, Krishna Couture -- Spirit of the Blue God. (Click here for the full article)

Exclusive Children's Books
by Syamasundara das
Posted April 18, 2005

(based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada)

We at VEDIC ARTS understood the need of presenting Srila Prabhupada's teachings to the children of all ages.

(Click here for the full article)

About avoiding milk products produced by non-devotees
by Gopal das
Posted April 17, 2005

While I agree that as devotees, we should not support the non-devotee milk industry due to the eventual and inevitable slaughter of every single cow, calf and bull, I have to call into question a very interesting claim made by the author... (Click here for the full article)

Hinduization of ISKCON
by Nimai Nitai dasa (NRS)
Posted April 13, 2005

Phyletism (ethnic religiosity) finds expression in the progressive Hinduization of ISKCON in America. Because we minister increasingly to Hindu congregations, we attempt to pose as 'authentic' Vaishnavas by taking on the external trappings of Hinduism, and especially its language, ritualism, and appearance. We exchange our Western ethnicity for an Indian ethnicity, without realizing that both are external designations arising from material conditioning. (Click here for the full article)

Alachua Gaura-Purnima and Golf Tournament
Posted April 11, 2005

The 1st annual "Krishna Cup" was won by Bhutatma das of Irvine, California, on the weekend of Gaura-Purnima in Alachua, Florida.

(Click here for the full article)

In the News:
A tabloid reporter's view

Posted April 9, 2005

Editor's note: The following report was published in the New York Post, a rather sensationalist tabloid. It describes a guesthouse or ashram operated by Kirtanananda das, formerly a guru in ISKCON until he he was accused of child molestation and solicitation to murder and sentenced to prison for criminal racketeering. In failing health, Kirtanananda obtained early release in 2004 and opened a preaching centre which, as the article points out, is not affiliated with ISKCON. While the writer is somewhat breezy and dismissive of Vaishnava customs and beliefs, there is nevertheless something to learn from his unsolicited outside perspective.

(Click here for the full article)

ISKCON Chapter 11 Ballot Update
by Gupta das
Posted April 8, 2005

All claimants in the ISKCON Chapter 11 case were recently mailed a voting packet which contains a CD, ballot and release form. To vote on the Reorganization Plan, a ballot needs to be filled out and returned in the enclosed envelope by April 29, 2005, after which all of the votes will be tallied and reported to the court. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Festival at Krishna Temple draws 1,500

by Caleb Warnock
Provo Daily Herald
Posted April 7, 2005

A two story bonfire to burn a papier-mâché demoness, 1,200 packets of green, red, yellow, and blue powder thrown onto 1,500 people jumping to a live band, a vegetarian buffet and the sun setting below the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. (Click here for the full article)

60 Years of Back To Godhead Magazines on a DVD-ROM!
by Madhudvisa das
Posted April 6, 2005

60 Years of Back to Godhead Magazine is a collection of BTG issues, from 1944-2004, viewable with your PC or Macintosh. The individual pages of 342 issues have been scanned and assembled, ready to be viewed in their original layout. This includes all original full-color photographs and paintings. (Click here for the full article)

Art gallery updated!
April 5, 2005

The Chakra Art gallery has been updated to include a new piece by David Raum. (Click here to view the gallery)

The Secret of Gaura's Sannyasa Lila
by Madhavananda das
Posted April 4, 2005

Gopal Jiu Publications is pleased to announce the release of issue #9 of Sri Krishna Kathamrita magazine, on the topic of sannyasa. It particularly examines Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's acceptance of sannyasa and the tradition of sannyasa amongst the followers of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur... (Click here for the full article)

A discussion between Bhurijana and Bhakti Tirtha Swami
submitted by Citi-sakti d.d.
Posted April 3, 2005

I pray that Krsna is awarding you sufficient strength of spirit to deal with your difficult situation. Certainly you are under the protective shell of Srila Prabhupada's and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. (Click here for the full article)

Have a darshan on the most special truck in Mayapur
by Pranavallabha das
Posted April 2, 2005

Please go and see Bhaktisvarupa Damodhar Maharaja's newest Project: "The Bhaktivedanta Institute on wheels". I was surprised that the truck is already on the road. At the moment stopped in Mayapur for the Coming Gaura Purnima Festival and visible on the Mayapur webpage... (Click here for the full article)

Child abuse: What's next?
by Karuna Purna d.d.
Posted April 1, 2005

First of all I would like to express all my sympathy to those boys and girls now men and women who suffered any type of physical abuse with the excuse of discipline. My feelings go as well to those who were sexually tormented. All my love goes to them. (Click here for the full article)

On resentment and forgiveness
by Bhakti Tirtha Swami
Posted April 30, 2005

(April 23, 2005) This is probably the penultimate special message of wisdom from "the groundhog", also known as "the beggar", a.k.a. "the spiritual warrior." So let this prepare you for the ultimate message (smile). You can see that this kind of communication that I am doing must actually come to a stop. Firstly because it is natural, for I definitely have to get out of this body sometime in the near future, but also because, if I am not careful, this sort of communication could become my biggest failure. Just consider how every time I send out some of these messages, so many nice devotees all around the world write and call and offer me kindness and praise. Yes, this is wonderful, but can you see all the danger in this? One of Maya's most special tricks is to get the devotee who has acquired some little achievement to start thinking, "Just see: I am an advanced devotee." (Click here for the full article)

2005 Youth Summer Festival of India Tour: Update
by Manu das
Posted April 29, 2005

2005 Youth Summer Festival of India Tour

The North American youth summer Festival of India tour to Ratha-yatras and temples throughout the USA and Canada is now accepting applications from anyone who would like to participate. (Click here for the full article)

Children's Activities at the Festival of Inspiration
by Malati dasi
Posted April 25, 2005

During the Festival of Inspiration in New Vrindaban on May 6, 7, & 8th, there will be complimentary Guided Activities for Children.

(Click here for the full article)

Meeting Nrsimha in Union Square
by Nam Sankirtan das
Posted April 23, 2005

Mother Daksi's article about her son is powerful, compelling and raw. I was moved by it. Chakra is doing a wonderful service to the devotees by having a forum like this. Koti dandavats to the devotees in www.chakra.org. Early in the morning, I usually go to Chakra to see what the devotees around the world are up to. (Click here for the full article)

In reply to 'Hindufication of ISKCON'
by Kamlesh Patel
Posted April 21, 2005

It is important to know the differences between Hinduism, Hindus, Vedic religion, sanatam dharma, and the hare krishnas (ISKCON).

The eternal religion is called Sanatam Dharma in sanskrit which has the name 'Vedic religion'. The modern name for the Vedic religion is 'Hinduism'.

(Click here for the full article)

Prabhupada Connection Receives Spirit and Sky Award
by Prema-bhakti das
Posted April 20, 2005

The PrabhupadaConnect.com website is dedicated to preserving and propagating the memory and teachings of His Divine Grace Om Vishnupada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacarya Astottara-sata Sri Sriman A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder/acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) and who is the guiding light of the Hare Krishna Movement in the West.It is singlehandedly created, maintained and updated daily by H.G. Padmapani dasa (ACBSP). It is a non-sectarian, non-political website honoring the glories of his spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada. (Click here for the full article)

In Honor of My Son, Nrsimha dasa (Elijah B. Long)
by Daksi d.d.
Posted April 19, 2005

It has been 16 days now since the passing away of my oldest son, Nrsimha dasa who was 30 years old. I feel that I can now sit down and write this memorial message in his honor. The process of grieving is especially intense for mothers who have so many emotional ties to the children they have carried in their wombs and then nurtured and cared for. My son was 30 years old, but I still saw him as my child who needed my loving words and support. He sought me out to reveal his inner sufferings and I anguished with him as he fought to make sense of his human experience. (Click here for the full article)

New blog on Varnashrama
by Shiva das
Posted April 18, 2005

I've created a blog entitled Varnashrama in the 21st century. In it I seek to create a place for discussion on varnashrama; what it is, what it isn't, and how to implement it in ISKCON.

The address is: varnashrama-21st-century.blogspot.com

your servant
Shiva das

Response to "Avoid milk products produced by non-devotees!"
by Gaurav Mittal
Posted April 17, 2005

Milk has two important ingredients: protein and calcium. Those people who discontinue milk should make sure that they are getting sufficient milk and calcium from natural sources. Soymilk may be a good substitute. I am not sure if soymilk has natural calcium or it is fortified. Excess calcium by natural products like milk may not cause problems. But excess calcium from artificial sources may be harmful.

One should make sure that children get proper nutrients as lack of protein and calcium can impair their growth.

Life Skills & Personal Transformation Seminar
Hannover, Germany, May 21st-31st

from Narahari das
Posted April 13, 2005

Most probably many of you have heard about the seminars conducted by Dhira Govinda Prabhu and the positive impact they have on the lifes of the devotees. I have taken the seminar last year in Ireland and felt it is was one of the best experiences of my life. This seminar is very valuable on many levels, in relationships with our family, temple or buisiness partners. It leads to a lasting honest and loving approach with ourselves and others, finally also with Krsna and the mahamantra. This seminar can definitly speed up of the process of anartha nivritti. It helped me move towards the platform of sattva guna which gives rise to pure goodness and inspired me to see a lot of my life in a new and bright perspective. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Manor President visits disaster struck village in Tamil Nadu

by Radha Mohan das
Posted April 11, 2005

On a recent trip to India Gauri das, president of Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham, near Watford in the UK visited the costal village of Palayar, in the Nagapatnam district of Tamil Nadu, South India. Palayar is one of the many coastal villages of India that were completely devastated by the Tsunami wave. (Click here for the full article)

Au pair needed
by Daniel Kraus
Posted April 9, 2005

Liberal bi-national patchwork family with two daughers (3 and 4) and one son (0) is looking for an au pair girl. We live in a large house with beautiful garden close to Heidelberg, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany with a lively ISKCON-Temple and large community of devotees. You should speak German, be vegetarian and non-smoker. Please send mail to silpakarini@gmx.de

Summer Festival of India Tour North America
by Manu das
Posted April 8, 2005

Summer is just around the corner and so is the 2005 Festival of India Ratha-yatra tour around North America. Three buses. 14,500 miles. Two and a half months. (Click here for the full article)

Gaura Purnima 2005 Pictures
by ISKCON Ludhiana
Posted April 7, 2005

Please see more pictures of Gaura Purnima 2005 at this URL: users.iskconludhiana.com/images/

(Click here for the full article)

Cooking with love and awareness
by Bhakta Edwin
Posted April 6, 2005

Prasadam should be prepared with a very loving consciousness - indeed all service should be done this way, but especially our Lord's food preparations, as our consciousness goes into the food we prepare. However, this duty does not lay strictly on the shoulders of the cooks. It is an entire temple's duty to make sure things are going well. As it is quoted in the Sikshamrita, Srila Prabhupada liked very much the notice at the train station that all the workers must see that the wheels of the train are moving [paraphrased]. In the matter of prasadam, everyone from the cook to the president to the individual bhaktin or bhakta must make sure the prasadam is as opulent as possible while remaining healthy. (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Music and a meal

by Satyavati d.d.
Posted April 5, 2005

Hare Krishnas share their music during lunchtime on the Plaza of the Americas, where they serve a midday meal from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on class days. Here is a link to today's paper (March 22nd). These boys are gurukulis attending school here at the University of Florida. They stop at the Plaza between classes to chant and take prasadam.

Satyavati d.d.

Avoid milk products produced by non-devotees!
by Durdhara das
Posted April 4, 2005

Many devotees consume great amounts of milk products, thinking this is good for their health and helpful for their Krishna conciousness. Usually they buy it in shops or supermarkets without knowing where these products are coming from. There are many reasons why a devotee should avoid such products. (Click here for the full article)

From the Diary of a Padayatri
by Padayatra Office
Posted April 3, 2005

January to March

Months ahead of looking, thinking, engineering how we can restructure the program... our only qualification is having the desire to serve the Lord and continue with this mission of Padayatra. How things are going to happen, only the Lord can know. We have our ideas, but eventually the Lord will take our freedom and place it under his will. Even if the things are not smooth we must enthusiasticallly continue with our service and be detached from the results... (Click here for the full article)

In the News:
Gita at the crossroads:
A book for free, and a sudden friendship

by Shiv Aroor
Posted April 2, 2005

I just cost the International Society for Krishna Consciousness a hundred rupees, not that I think they will mind. It was a pleasant Delhi morning. I was waiting for the signal to change at the Zakir Hussain Marg traffic light, when a man from Iskcon popped up outside my car window, a stack of hardback Bhagvad Gitas in his arms. He offered one towards me. "Hare Krishna," he said. (Click here for the full article)

Prison Ministry: Letter from a Chaplain
by Syama Priya dasi
Posted April 1, 2005

The Christmas marathon was wonderful we had so many books donated for the Prison Ministry. We have thousands of books to send out. Thanks to all the devotees who donated. We also have tapes and CDs donated by the Bhaktivedanta Archives... (Click here for the full article)

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